SULZER RTA38 
                            1 T11365 MAIN BEARING IN 2-PARTS
                            2 T12241 PAD FOR THRUST BEARING
                            3 T12260 RING FOR THRUST BEARING
                            4 T12270 STOPPER IN THRUST BEARING COMPLETE
                            5 T12271 STOPPER BRIDGE FOR STOPPER T12270
                            6 T12274 STOPPER BRIDGE FOR STOPPER T12270
                            7 T12278 STOPPER PLATE FOR STOPPER T12270
                            8 T12282 STOPPER PLATE FOR STOPPER T12270
                            9 T12288 PLATE FOR STOPPER T12270
                            10 T12289 KEY FOR STOPPER T12270
                            11 T12290 KEY FOR STOPPER T12270
                            12 T12294 LOCKING PLATE FOR PLATE T12288
                            13 T12295 LOCKING PLATE FOR T12278
                            14 T12297 LOCKING PLATE FOR PLATE T12270
                            15 T21043 O-RING FOR WATER GUIDE RING T21025
                            16 T21270 O-RING FOR CYL LINER
                            17 T21271 O-RING FOR CYL LINER
                            18 T21401 CYLINDER LINER
                            19 T21500 LUBRICATING QUILL WITH ACCUMULATOR COMPL
                            20 T21505 DIAPHRAGM FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            21 T21506 PISTON FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            22 T21508 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            23 T21515 NON-RETURN VALVE FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            24 T21518 BALL FOR NON-RETURN VALVE
                            25 T21519 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR NON-RETURN VALVE
                            26 T21524 JOINT FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            27 T23101 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPLETE
                            28 T23102 SEALING RING IN 3-PARTS
                            29 T23103 Guide ring in 2-parts
                            30 T23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 2-PARTS, COMPLETE
                            31 T23125 Extension Spring for scraper ring
                            32 T23126 Extension Spring for Clamp
                            33 T23130 O-RING FOR HOUSING T23112
                            34 T23134 LOCKING PLATE FOR HOUSING  T23112
                            35 T23140 SET RING T23101,T23102,T23103
                            36 T23150 SET EXTENSION SPRING T23125,T23126
                            37 T27001 CYLINDER COVER WITH CCS CERT.
                            38 T27015 JOINT RING FOR CYLINDER COVER T27001
                            39 T27018 PROTECTION CAP FOR CYL. COVER T 27001
                            40 T27100 CYLINDER COVER COMPLETE
                            41 T27101 CYLINDER COVER BARE
                            42 T27210 SPINDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            43 T27211 SPRING CARRIER FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            44 T27215 Sleeve for fuel injection valve
                            45 T27224 O-RING FOR HOUSING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            46 T27225 O-RING FOR COLLAR NUT & VALVE BODY
                            47 T27227 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER T27212
                            48 T27240 2P NOZZLE COMPLETE WCH 7751/02 X 107.228  687.200 X NO.9
                            49 T27242 NEEDLE SEAT AND NEEDLE
                            50 T27244 ATOMIZER FOR 2P-NOZZLE (0.780*0.720*0.740*0.640*0.680MM)
                            51 T27250 VALVE CONNECTION PIECE FOR FUEL INJECTION  VALVE
                            52 T27251 VALVE BODY FOR T27252
                            53 T27252 VALVE BODY FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            54 T27253 VALVE BODY FOR T27252
                            55 T27256 SCREW FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            56 T27258 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR VALVE BODY T27251
                            57 T27259 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR VALVE BODY T27253
                            58 T27416 SELF LOCKING NUT FOR VALVE SPINDLE T27403
                            59 T27418 JOINT RING FOR AIR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            60 T27421 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            61 T27508 VALVE SEAT FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            62 T27510 O-RING TO VALVE SEAT
                            63 T27516 O-RING TO BUSH T 27515
                            64 T27518 V/V SPRINDLE  W/ ROTATION  WING  TO EXHAUST VALVE
                            65 T27528 PISTON TO EXH VALVE
                            66 T27529 BUSH TO PISTON T 27528
                            67 T27530 PISTON TO EXH VALVE
                            68 T27541 JOINT RING TO VALVE SEAT T 27508
                            69 T27542 JOINT RING FOR COVER
                            70 T27543 PISTON JOINT RING TO PISTON T 27530
                            71 T27544 ROD JOINT RING TO GUIDE BUSH
                            72 T27545 PISTON RING TO PISTON T27528
                            73 T27560 O-RING TO T 27502 & T27508
                            74 T27561 O-RING TO VALVE  CAGE
                            75 T27562 O RING TO AIR CYL. HOUSING T27511
                            76 T27563 O RING TO BUSH T27529
                            77 T27564 O-RING TO PISTON T27530
                            78 T27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            79 T33005 ELASTIC STUD FOR UPPER CON. ROD BEARING
                            80 T33012 LOCKING CAP FOR NUT
                            81 T33016 COMPRESSION SHIM FOR CONNECTING ROD
                            82 T33023 LOCKING PLATE FOR LOCKING CAP T33102
                            83 T33121 UPPER HALF CONNECTING ROD TOP END BEARING
                            84 T33150 BEARING SHELL FOR UPPER CON.ROD BEARING
                            85 T33400 CROSSHEAD-LUBRICATION LINKAGE COMPLETE
                            86 T33801 ELASTIC SCREW FOR PISTON ROD
                            87 T33802 LOCKING SEGMENT FOR SCREW T33801
                            88 T33805 LOCKING PLATE FOR LOCKING SEGMENT T33802
                            89 T34002 LOCKING SEGMENT FOR ELASTIC BOLT
                            90 T34022 LOCKING PLATE FOR PISTON
                            91 T34024 O-RING FOR BUSH T 34204
                            92 T34025 O-RING FOR PISTON ROD T34201
                            93 T34026 O-RING FOR PISTON ROD
                            94 T34101 PISTON CROWN
                            95 T34121 PISTON SKIRT
                            96 T34260 SET OF LOINTS AND LOCKING PLATES (T33805,T34022,T34024,T34025)
                            97 T34401 PISTON RING 380 X 10 X 13MM
                            98 T34402 PISTON RING 380 X 10 X 13MM
                            99 T36100 PISTON-COOLING LINCAGE, COMPLETE
                            100 T43120 Starting Air slide valve to starting air distributor
                            101 T43121 Bush for starting air slide valve
                            102 T43122 Slide valve for starting air slide valve
                            103 T43123 Pulley for starting air slide valve
                            104 T43124 Du-bush ( T43123~T43125)
                            105 T43126 Spring for starting air slide valve
                            106 T43135 Du-bush
                            107 T43145 Rod seal
                            108 T43146 Piston seal to piston
                            109 T43158 O-ring for starting air slide valve
                            110 T43159 O-ring for Cylinder
                            111 T43616 Piston sealing ring to piston T43607
                            112 T43655 Piston sealing ring to pre-control v/v
                            113 T43656 Piston sealing ring to pre-control v/v
                            114 T45529 O RING FOR FLANGE T45508
                            115 T45533 O RING FOR FLANGE T45508
                            116 T46038 AIR FILTER ELEMENT H=75.0 , O.D:39.5, I.D :20
                            117 T46038 AIR FILTER ELEMENT H=75.0 , O.D:39.5, I.D :20
                            118 T46038 AIR FILTER ELEMENT H=75.0 , O.D:39.5, I.D :20
                            119 T46040 relief valve for control air supply
                            120 T55204 PUMP COVER FOR HOUSING
                            121 T55228 SCREW PLUG FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP
                            122 T55235 O RING FOR HOUSING T -55201
                            123 T55236 O RING FOR PUMP COVER  T -55204
                            124 T55238 O RING FOR SCREW PLUG T -55228
                            125 T55260 PISTON AND CYLINDER FOR FUEL INJECTOR PUMP
                            126 T55505 PUMP CYL. FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            127 T55505 PUMP CYL. FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            128 T55505 PUMP CYL. FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            129 T55506 PISTON FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            130 T55506 PISTON FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            131 T55506 PISTON FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR P/P
                            132 T55507 PISTON RING FOR PISTON T55506
                            133 T55529 O-RING FOR HOUSING T55501
                            134 T84433 O-RING FOR HYP. PIPING - T 844
                            135 T84500 SIGHT GLASS INDICATOR 8 POINTS COMPLETE
                            136 T87301 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTOR VALVE L=1040MM
                            137 T87305 METALLIC HOSE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE T87301
                            138 T87312 DIFFERENTIAL THREAD NUT FOR FUEL  PRESSURE PIPE
                            139 T87313 DIFFERENTIAL THREAD NUT FOR FUEL  PRESSURE PIPE
                            140 T87314 FLANGE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            141 T87319 O' RING FOR FLANGE  T 8314
                            142 T87326 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTOR VALVE L=970MM
                            143 T87330 METALLIC HOSE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE T87326
                            144 T87340 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE ( SHORT )
                            145 T87350 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE ( LONG )
                            146 T92033 REMOTE THERMOMETER FOR EXH.
                            147 10 O-RING TO PISTON SEAL ( 160 X 155 X3,8 )
                            148 10a SLIDE RING TO PISTON  SEAL (160 X155 X3,8)
                            149 11 O-RING TO ROD SEAL ( 90 X 94 X3,8 )
                            150 11a SLIDE RING TO ROD SEAL ( 90 X 94 X 3,8)
                            151 94935 HIGH PRESSURE HOSE OF HYDRAULIC JACK 94215 L=900MM
                            152 9-  94314 O-RING TO PISTON SEAL
                            153 9a- 94314 SLIDE RING 100 X 95 X 3,8
                            154 10- 94314 O-RING TO ROD SEAL
                            155 10a-94314 SLIDE RING 60 X 64 X 3,8
                            156 94272C CONNECTION NIPPLE WITH PRESSURE BOLT AND COMP. SPRING
                            SULZER RTA48 
                            1 T21270 O-RING FOR CYL LINER
                            2 T21271 O-RING FOR CYL LINER 
                            3 T21272 O-Ring for Cylinder
                            4 T21401 Cylinder Liner  (CCS Certificate)
                            5 T23101 SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            6 T23102 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            7 T23103 GUIDE RING IN 2 PARTS ON GLAND BOX
                            8 T23107 CLAMP ON GLAND BOX(3PCS IN GLAND BOX)
                            9 T23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN TWO PARTS COMPLETE WITH PIN
                            10 T23120 OIL SCRAPER RING IN TWO PARTS COMPLETE
                            11 T23125  EXTENSION SPRING FOR SCRAPER RING T 23101
                            12 T23126  EXTENSION SPRING FOR CLAMP T 23107
                            13 T23127 EXTENSION SPRING FOR OIL SCRAPER RINGS T23119 & T23120
                            14 T23130 O-RING FOR HOUSING GLAND BOX
                            15 T23134 LOCKING PLATE FOR HOUSING T 23112
                            16 T27015 JOINT RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            17 T27118 PROTECTION CUP FOR CYL.COVER(STUDBOLT)
                            18 T27208 DISC SPRING FOR FUEL INJ. VALVE
                            19 T27224 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            20 T27225 O-RING FOR COLLER NUT
                            21 T27227 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSION T27212
                            22 T27240 Nozzle for fuel injection valve with shrunk in needle
                            23 T27242 NOZZLE ( 2 PIECE TYPE)
                            24 T27244 ATOMIZER
                            25 T27252 Valve Body for fuel injection valve
                            26 T27253 Valve body for T27252
                            27 T27258 Compression spring for valve body
                            28 T27259 Compression spring for valve body
                            29 T27411 PISTON SEALING RING
                            30 T27416 SELF LOCKING NUT FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            31 T27418 JOINT RING
                            32 T27422 O-RING FOR COVER
                            33 T27508 VALVE SEAT TO EXHAUST VALVE 
                            34 T27510 O-RING TO VALVE SEAT T27508
                            35 T27518 VALVE SPINDLE WITH ROTATION WING TO EXHAUST VALVE
                            36 T27528 PISTON TO EXHAUST VALVE
                            37 T27529 BUSH PISTON T27528
                            38 T27530 PISTON TO EXHAUST VALVE
                            39 T27532 THRUST FLANGE TO PISTON T27530
                            40 T27533 SPLIT GROOVE TO PISTON T27530  
                            41 T27541 JOINT RING TO VALVE SEAT
                            42 T27542 JOINT RING TO COVER T27525
                            43 T27543 PISTON JOINT RING TO PISTON T27530
                            44 T27544 ROD JOINT RING TO GUIDE BUSH T27522
                            45 T27545 PISTON RING TO PISTON T27528
                            46 T27546 PROTECTION CUP TO EXH.VALVE (STUDBOLT)
                            47 T27560 O-RING TO T27502&T27508
                            48 T27561 O-RING TO VALVE CAGE T27502
                            49 T27710 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            50 T27712 JOINT RING FOR VAVLE SEAT
                            51 T27724 JOINT RING FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            52 T27725 SLEEVE FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            53 T33801 SCREW FOR PISTON ROD T34201
                            54 T34025 O-RING FOR PISTON ROD T34201 
                            55 T34026 O-RING FOR PISTON ROD T34201
                            56 T34107 ELASTIC SCREW FOR PISTON 
                            57 T34205 DOWEL PIN FOR PISTON ROD T34201
                            58 T34401 PISTON RING (NO 1+2RING) 480x15x16mm
                            59 T43158 O-RING FOR STARTING AIR SLIDE VALVE
                            60 T55220 SEALING FOR COVER T55219
                            61 T55235 O-RING FOR HOUSING T55201
                            62 T55236 O-RING FOR PUMP COVER T55204
                            63 T55241 SHAFT SEAL FOR RACK T55206
                            64 T64670 VALVE GROUP COMPLETE
                            65 T64674 VALVE PLATE FOR SCAVENG VALVE
                            66 T84433 O-RING FOR HYDRAULIC PIPE
                            67 T87301 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJ.VALVE
                            68 T87305 METALLIC HOSE FOR FUEL INJECTION PIPE
                            69 T87312 DIFFERENTIAL THREAD NUT FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPES
                            70 T87313 DIFFERENTIAL THREAD NUT FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPES
                            71 T87318 O-RING FOR METALLIC HOSE T87305
                            72 T87319 O-RING FOR FLANGE FUEL PRES.PIPE
                            73 T87326 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJ. VALVE
                            74 T87330 METALLIC HOSE FOR FUEL INJECTION PIPE
                            SULZER RTA58 
                            1 U11366 BEARING HALF SHELL FOR MAIN BEARING
                            2 U11376 BEARING HALF SHELL FOR MAIN BEARING DRIVING END
                            3 U21101 CYLINDER JACKET WITH ALLEN SCREW BOLT BOLT
                            4 U21111 WATER GUIDE RING FOR CYLINDER JACKET
                            5 U21112 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR U-21111
                            6 U21300 WATER  GUIDE  JACKET  FOR  CYLINDER  LINER  DRG: 107.254.646
                            7 U21300 WATER  GUIDE  JACKET  FOR  CYLINDER  LINER  DRG: 107.203.400
                            8 U21401 CYLINDER LINER
                            9 U21406 FILLING PIECE ON CYLINDER LINER
                            10 U21407 JOINT FOR FILLING PIECE U21406
                            11 U21410 JOINT RING ON CYLINDER LINER
                            12 U21411 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            13 U21412 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER 
                            14 U21500 LUBRICATING QUILL WITH ACCUMULATOR COMPLETE
                            15 U21505 Diaphragm for accumulator
                            16 U21524 JOINT RING
                            17 U23101 SCRAPER RING, IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            18 U23102 SEALING  RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            19 U23103 GUIDE RING ON GLAND BOX
                            20 U23104 LOWER HOUSING
                            21 U23113 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            22 U23114 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL. WITH PIN
                            23 U23119 OIL SCRAPER RING COMPLETE
                            24 U23120 JOINT RING COMPLETE
                            25 U23121 DISTANCE RING FOR GLAND BOX
                            26 U23123 EXTENSION SPRING FOR U 23113
                            27 U23125 EXTENSION SPRING FOR SCRAPER RING
                            28 U23126 EXTENSION SPRING FOR CLAMP RING U23107
                            29 U23127 EXTENSION SPRING FOR OIL SCRAPER RING
                            30 U23128 O-RING FOR UPPER HOUSING U23112
                            31 U23129 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            32 U23130 O-RING FOR LOWER HOUSING
                            33 U27101 CYLINDER COVER DRAWING NO.: 0-107.201.062
                            34 U27105 SLEEVE FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            35 U27107 Clamp on gland box (3/pcs per gland box)
                            36 U27116 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYL COVER
                            37 U27205 WASHER  FOR  FUEL  INJECTION  VALVE 
                            38 U27206 DOWEL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            39 U27208 DISC SPRING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            40 U27210 SPINDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            41 U27211 SPRING CARRIER FOR FUEL INJ.VALVE
                            42 U27215 CIRCULATION VALVE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE U27216-U27220
                            43 U27216 NEEDLE SEAT NEEDLE FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            44 U27220 COMPRESSION SPRING
                            45 U27221 COMPRESSION SPRING
                            46 U27223 SLEEVE FOR TWO PIECE - NOZZLE
                            47 U27224 O-RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            48 U27225 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER
                            49 U27226 O-RING FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            50 U27227 DOWEL PIN
                            51 U27228 DOWEL PIN FOR NOZZLE BODY U 27240
                            52 U27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE 0.775/0.750/0.725/0.650/0.700R
                            53 U27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE 0.925X0.925X0.675X0,675XRX0.9
                            54 U27241 NOZZLE TIP
                            55 U27242 NOZZLE WITH NEEDLE / TWO PIECE- NOZZLE
                            56 U27244 ATOMIZER FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE, 2-PIECE NOZZLE 295.400X205
                            57 U27244 Atomizer ( two piece-nozzle ) 295.400 x 205
                            58 U27252 NOZZLE SLEEVE
                            59 U27407 BUSH FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            60 U27408 VALVE SPINDLE
                            61 U27413 SPINDLE GUIDE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            62 U27414 VALVE SEAT
                            63 U27424 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            64 U27425 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            65 U27426 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            66 U27427 ROD SEAL FOR BUSH U27404
                            67 U27429 O-RING FOR BUSH HOISING
                            68 U27430 O-RING FOR BUSH U27407
                            69 U27431 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT
                            70 U27459 O-RING
                            71 U27508 VALVE SEAT  TO VALVE CAGE U 27502
                            72 U27510 O-RING FOR VALVE SEAT
                            73 U27514 UPPER HOUSING TOEXHAUST VALVE
                            74 U27517 HOUSING FOR VALVE DRIVE
                            75 U27518 EXHAUST VALVE SPINDLE WITH ROTATING RING
                            76 U27522 GUIDE BUSH FOR VALVE SPINDEL
                            77 U27523 RETAINING RING FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            78 U27524 CYLINDER FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            79 U27525 DISTANCE SLEEVE FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            80 U27526 NUT FOR VALVE SPINDLE U 27518
                            81 U27528 SLEEVE FOR EXHAUST VALVE(PC)
                            82 U27529 BUSH FOR EXHAUST VALVE(PC)
                            83 U27530 RETAINING RING FOR BUSH U 27529
                            84 U27532 PISTON FOR VALVE DRIVE
                            85 U27533 DAMPING ELEMENT FOR VALVE DRIVE
                            86 U27535 LOCKING RING TWO PARTS FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            87 U27538 SEALING AIR THROTTLE, COMP. FOR EXH. VALVE
                            88 U27539 JOINT RING FOR SEALING AIR THROTTLE
                            89 U27540 O-RING FOR EXH VALVE CAGE AND VALVE SEAT
                            90 U27542 COVER FOR UPPER HOISING U27514
                            91 U27543 JOINT FOR COVER U27542 
                            92 U27544 SIGHT GLASS FOR UPPER HOISING
                            93 U27546 PISTON RING, WITH GASTISHT FOR PISTON U27511
                            94 U27547 PISTON RING,  FOR AIR CYLINDER JOINT HOUSING
                            95 U27548 ROD JOINT RING FOR VALVE SPINDLE U 27518
                            96 U27549 O-RING FOR VALVE SEAT AND VALVE CAGE
                            97 U27550 O RING FOR U27511 AND U27514
                            98 U27551 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE
                            99 U27552 O-RING FOR BUSH U 27529
                            100 U27554 O-RING FOR HOUSTING U 27537
                            101 U27555 JOINT RING FOR VLV SEAT
                            102 U27558 COARSE FILTER FOR U 27556
                            103 U27559 JOINT RING FOR U 27557
                            104 U27560 JOINT RING FOR SCREW PLUG U 27579
                            105 U27561 JOINT RING FOR SCREW PLUG U27580
                            106 U27563 DISC SPING FOR RETAINING RING U 27523
                            107 U27564 TNEDION SPRING FOR LOCKING RING U27535
                            108 U27565 SHIM RING FOR DAMPING ELEMENT U 27533
                            109 U27578 SCREW FOR VALVE SPINDLE 
                            110 U27579 SCREW PLUG FOR VENT HOUSING U 27556
                            111 U27580 SCREW PLUG FOR HOUSING U 27517
                            112 U27584 LOCKING PLATE, FOR BOLT 16 mm
                            113 U27585 LOCKING PLATE FOR U 27578
                            114 U27586 LOCKIG PLATE FOR SCREW U27578
                            115 U27700 RELIEF VALVE COMPLETE
                            116 U27702 VALVE SEAT FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            117 U27703 valve body for relief valve
                            118 U27706 spring carrier for relief valve
                            119 U27707 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            120 U27710 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE 
                            121 U27712 JOINT FOR VALVE SEAT
                            122 U27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            123 U27721 INDICATOR VALVE
                            124 U34002 NUT FOR ELASTIC SYUD 
                            125 U34003 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT U34002
                            126 U34004 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT U34231
                            127 U34005 Connection Piece outlet
                            128 U34006 Connection Piece outlet
                            129 U34010 Flange for running pipe
                            130 U34012 Locking plate
                            131 U34013 LOCKING PLATE FOR LOCKING DISC U34003
                            132 U34014 O-RING FOR U34005 & U34006  
                            133 U34015 O-RING FOR RUNNING PIPE U34230
                            134 U34016 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR PISTON SKIRT 
                            135 U34017 ROUND RUBBER BETWEEN PISTON HEAD & SKIRT
                            136 U34101 Piston Head, Drawing No:0-107.201.514
                            137 U34107 ELASTIC  STUD  ON  PISTON  
                            138 U34108 LOCATING SCREW FOR ELASTIC STUD
                            139 U34121 PISTON SKIRT COMPLETE (U34122-U34123)
                            140 U34122 PISTON SKIRT   
                            141 U34123 RUBBING RING FOR PISTON SKIRT
                            142 U34210 PISTON ROD NUT FOR  LONG PISTON ROD
                            143 U34230 RUNNING PIPE FOR PISTON
                            144 U34231 NUT
                            145 U34401 PISTON RING    
                            146 U34402 PISTON RING  2-ND-STH RING
                            147 U34405 PISTON RING
                            148 H34401 Piston Ring
                            149 H34402 Piston Ring
                            150 U36111 O-RING FOR CHEST
                            151 U36162 INLET NOZZLE FOR STAND PIPE        
                            152 U36163 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE INLET AND OUTLET
                            153 U36170 LOCKING PLATE  FOR STAND PIPE
                            154 U36171 UPPER O RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            155 U36172 LOWER O RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            156 U36176 OUTLET NOZZLE ON STAND PIPE U36175 
                            157 U36203 SCRAPER RING ON GLAND BOX
                            158 U36204 GUIDE RING  ON GLAND BOX
                            159 U36205 JOUNT RING IN 3- PARTS O0N GLAND BOX
                            160 U36206 SCRAPER RING IN 3- PARTS, COMPLETE
                            161 U36207 clamp in gland box ( 3pieces per gland box)
                            162 U36208 ROD SEAL RING
                            163 U36209 JOINT RING FOR RING HOLDER U 36201
                            164 U36210 TENSION SPRING FOR SCREPER RING U36206   
                            165 U36211 TENSION SPRING FOR GUIDE RING U36204 
                            166 U36216 O- RING FOR RING HOLDE5R U 36201
                            167 U42129 BUSH FOR SLEEVE  U 42125
                            168 U42189  CAM  FOR FUEL PUMP
                            169 U42190 CAM FOR HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR PUMP 125
                            170 U43120 STRAIGHT CUT OFF VALVE COMPLETE
                            171 U43122 PISTON FOR CUT OFF VALVE
                            172 U43124 PISTON SEALING RING FOR PISTON U43122
                            173 U43125 PISTON SEALING RING FOR PISTON U43122
                            174 U43126 O-RING FOR HOUSING U43123
                            175 U43141 Control Valve for Starting control Valve
                            176 U43188 O-RING FOR U43120
                            177 U43349 O-RING FOR U43320
                            178 U43622 COMPRESSION SPRING
                            179 U43635 JOINT RING FOR U43600 & U43700
                            180 U43636 O-RING FOR HOUSIONG
                            181 U43638 O-RING FOR COVER U43606
                            182 U43641 PISTON JOINT RING FOR VALVE
                            183 U43642 ROD SEALING FOR FLANGE
                            184 U43658 JOINT RING FOR SCREW PLUG
                            185 U43659 JOINT RING FOR SCREW PLUG
                            186 U43666 JOINT RING FOR CONTROL VALVE
                            187 U43674 RUBBER RING FOR 3/2 CONTRAL VALVE
                            188 U43688 O-RING FOR VALVE
                            189 U43734 O-RING FOR BUSH U43768
                            190 U43735 O-RING FOR COVERS
                            191 U43737 O-RING FOR COVER
                            192 U43738 O-RING FOR BUSH
                            193 U43739 ROD SEALING RING FOR PISTON
                            194 U43740 ROD SEALING RING FOR PISTON
                            195 U45100 REVERSING VALVE, COMPLETE
                            196 U45120 OIL SEAL
                            197 U45121 BALL BEARING
                            198 U45138 O-RING FOR COVER U45103
                            199 U45139 O-RING FOR VALVE PLATE U45108
                            200 U46002 PRESSURE REDUCER FOR CONTROL AIR
                            201 U46003 PRESSURE REDUCER FOR CONTROL AIR
                            202 U46006 AIR FILTER FOR CONTROL SUPPLY
                            203 U55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH COMPL
                            204 U55420 ROLLER GUIDE FOR FUEL & HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR
                            205 U55421 ROLLER GUIDE
                            206 U55422 ROLLER FOR ROLLER GUIDE U55475
                            207 U55423 BUSH FOR ROLLER GUIDES U55420 & U55475
                            208 U55424 PIN FOR ROLLER GUIDES U55420 & U55475
                            209 U55425 INSERT FOR PIN U55424
                            210 U55426 THRUST WASHER FOR ROLLER GUIDES U55420 & U 55475
                            211 U55427 RETAINING BUSH FOR ROLLER GUIDE U 55421
                            212 U55429 THRUST PIECE FOR ROLLER GUIDE U55421
                            213 U55434 LOCKING PLATE FOR U 55421 & U 55482
                            214 U55435 CIRCLIP TYPE A FOR INSERT U55425
                            215 U55462 PRESSING NIPPLE FOR GUIDE BUSH PLUNGER
                            216 U55475 ROLLER GUIDE COMPLETE
                            217 U55476 ROLLER GUIDE
                            218 U55502 Bush for actuator housing U55501
                            219 U55503 Piston for Actuator Pump
                            220 U55504 Piston Ring for Actuator Pump
                            221 U55505 Non-return Valve for Actuator Pump
                            222 U55511 Relief Valve for Actuator Pump
                            223 U55555 ROTIONAL SAFETY STUD FOR ROLLER GUIDES
                            224 U55562 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR PLUNGER
                            225 U55801 SPILL V/V WITH SEAT CMPL
                            226 U55805 SUCTION OR DELIVERY V/V WITH SEAT CMPL
                            227 U55808 RELIEF VALVE COMPL. FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP (U55809-U55819)
                            228 U55811 VALVE NEEDLE FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            229 U55812 SPRING CARRIER FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            230 U55815 DISC SPRING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            231 U55816 SEATING WASHER FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            232 U55817 SNAP RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            233 U55819 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE HOUSING
                            234 U55822 Indicator for relief valve
                            235 U55825 O-RING FOR HOUSING U55823
                            236 U55830 PRESSURE BUSH FOR SUCT / SPILL VALVES
                            237 U55831 PRESSURE BUSH FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            238 U55833 TAPPET WITH GUIDE BUSH & SPRING
                            239 U55835 Compression Spring for Push Rod U55832
                            240 U55837 CAP FOR V/V
                            241 U55838 PIN FOR DELIVERY VALVES
                            242 U55839 PIN FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVES
                            243 U55841 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR SUCTION & SPILL V/V
                            244 U55842 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR DELIVERY V/V
                            245 U55844 NECKED DOWN BOLT FOR U 55837
                            246 U55850 CONNECTION PIECE FOR U- 55700 & U 55800
                            247 U55852 DOUBLE NIPPLE FOR U 55700 & U 55800
                            248 U55856 GASKET FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE U 55852
                            249 U55961 COVER FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP
                            250 U58017 Roller for positioning handle U 58016
                            251 U58018 DU bush for lever U 58010
                            252 U58057 Pin for levers U58054,U58076 and U58081
                            253 U58102 Spherical rod end, right hand thread
                            254 U58103 Spherical rod end, left hand thread
                            255 U58200 Lever for intermediate regulating shaft
                            256 U58237 DU bush for cover U 58236
                            257 U58244 DU bush for piston U 58243
                            258 U58259 O-RING FOR COVER AND INTERMEDIATE
                            259 U58261 ROD JOINT RING FOR COVER U58240
                            260 U58262 ROD JOINT RING FOR INTERMEDIATE PIECE U58241
                            261 U58265 Lever for intermediate regulating shaft
                            262 U58280 Pin for lever U 58265
                            263 U64670 VALVE GROUP, COMPLETE
                            264 U64674 V/V GROUP CMPL (27 V/V)
                            266 U87041 Fuel Pressure Pipe Complete
                            267 U87042 Fuel Pressure Pipe Complete
                            268 U87044 Fuel pressure pipe,complete
                            269 U87045 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE,COMPLETE
                            270 U87046 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE,COMPLETE
                            271 U87048 Coupling piece for fuel pressure pipe
                            272 U87056 Coupling piece for fuel pressure pipe
                            273 U87082 HIGH  PRESSURE  PIPE  FOR  FUEL  OIL  WITH  COUPLINGS
                            274 U87087 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE,FOR FUEL INJECTION V/V
                            275 U87092 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE,FOR FUEL INJECTION V/V
                            276 U87516 GUIDE TUBE FOR METALLIC HOSE
                            277 U87520 O-RING FOR METALLIC HOSE
                            278 U87521 O-RING FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            279 U87706 Spindle for pressure retaining valve
                            280 U87711 Handle wheel for pressure retaining valve
                            281 U87721 Stop Pin on pressure retaining valve
                            282 U87723 Stop Disc for pressure retaining valve
                            283 U87725 Compression Spring for Stop pin U87721
                            284 U87751 FUEL SHUT OFF VALVE
                            285 U87752 Housing for Fuel shut off cock
                            286 U87753 Valve Spindle for Fuel shut off cock
                            287 U87754 Nipple on fuel shut off cock
                            288 U87757 JOINT ON NIPPLE
                            289 U87758 O-RING FOR VALV ESPINDLE
                            290 U87759 Spindle Head for Fuel shut off cock
                            291 U92040 REMOTE THERMOMETER WITH CAPILLARY TUBE COMPLETE 600"C
                            292 U94252 CAGE (SET OF SEATING) RINGS
                            293 U94425 CONNECTING PIECE
                            294 8 OIL PUMP 70 MPa, CODE NO. 94931
                            295 13 OIL DISTRIBUTOR, CODE NO. 94934
                            296 15 PRESSURE GAUGE(0-100 MPa WITH CONNECTION SOCKET), CODE 94932
                            297 17 CONNECTION PIECE
                            298 18 COUPLING SLEEVE
                            299 19 COUPLER PLUG
                            300 20 HIGH PRESSURE HOSE(1800 MM LONG), CODE NO. 94935
                            301 21 HIGH PRESSURE HOSE (600 MM LONG), CODE NO. 94935
                            302 94123 SPECIAL FEELER GUAGE
                            303 94215 TENSION DEVICE FOR CYL.HEAD STUDS
                            305 94252 HYDRAULIC TOOLS FOR EXHAUT VALVE
                            306 94275 HIGH PRESSURE HOSE (1500KG/CM2, 1.4m )
                            307 94305 DIA GUAGE FOR MEASURING CRANKSHAFT DEFLECTION
                            308 10A RUBBER RING. F ROD SEALING 55 x 59 x 3.8
                            309 10B SLIDE RING. F ROD SEALING
                            310 12A RUBBER RING. F ROD SEALING 120 x 125 x 3.8
                            311 12B SLIDE RING F ROD SEALING 120 x 125 x 3.8
                            312 13A RUBBER RING. F PISTON SEALING 210 x 204 x 5.8
                            313 13B SLIDE RING. F PISTON SEALING 210 x 204 x 5.8
                            314 22A RUBBER RING. F.ROD SEALING.60 x 64 x 3.8
                            315 22B SLIDE RING. F ROD SEALING 60 x 64 x 3.8
                            316 23A RUBBER RING. F PISTON SEALING 100 x 95 x 3.8
                            317 23B SLIDE RING. F PISTON SEALING100 x 95 x 3.8
                            318 94215-11.1 O RING FOR PISTON SEALING RING 190x184x5.8
                            319 94215-11.2 LEVER COLLAR FOR PISTON SEALING RING 190x184x5.8
                            320 94215-11.3 O RING FOR ROD SEALING RING 100x105x3.8
                            321 94215-11.4 LEVER COLALR FOR ROD SEALING RING 100x105x3.8
                            322 94215-11A RUBBER RING. F ROD SEALING 100 x 105 x 3.8
                            323 94215-11B SLIDE RING. F ROD SEALING 100 x 105 x 3.8
                            324 94215-12A RUBBER RING. F PISTON SEALING. 190 x 184 x 5.8
                            325 94215-12B SLIDE RING. F PISTON SEALING 190 x 184 x 5.8
                            326 94215-17 High Pressure hose
                            327 94215-18 Connecting plug
                            328 94215-19 Distribution piece 
                            329 94215-20 Connecting piece
                            330 94215-4   Coupling sleeve  
                            331 94215-6  Vent screw                            
                            332 94215-8 Belleville spring washer
                            333 94251-2.1 O RING FOR PISTON SEALING RING 100x95x3.8
                            334 94251-2.2 LEVER COLLAR FOR PISTON SEALING RING 100x95x3.8
                            335 94251-2.3 O RING FOR ROD SEALING RING 55x59x3.8
                            336 94251-2.4 LEVER COLLAR FOR ROD SEALING RING 55x59x3.8
                            337 94251-6 CLUTCH SLEEVE
                            338 94251-9 VENT SCREW
                            339 94252-2.1 O RING FOR PISTON SEALING RING 210x204x5.8
                            340 94252-2.2 LEVEL COLLAR FOR PISTON SEALING RING 210x204x5.8
                            341 94252-2.3 O RING FOR ROD SEALING RING 120x125x3.8
                            342 94252-2.4 LEVEL COLLAR FOR ROD SEALING RING 120x125x3.8
                            343 94274c Testing device for the circulating valve
                            344 94935-a HIGH PRESSURE HOSE (700KG/CM2)
                            345  AIR HYDRAULIC PUMP 1500KG/CM2
                            346  HIGH PRESSURE HOSES & CONNECTORS HYDRAULIC PUMP (L=1.8 METERS)
                            347  DIA GUAGE FOR CRANKSHAFT DEFLECTION
                            SULZER RTA52(U) 
                            1 94552 Device for measuring the stroke of the fuel injection pump plunger X=540mm
                            2 94554 Device for measuring the stroke of suction and spill valves in fule pump X=330mm
                            3 94555 Spanners for setting suction and spill valve X=250mm;AF=27mm;
                            4 94557 Spanners for setting suction and spill valve X=205mm; AF=22mm;
                            5 Z11366 Bearing shell for main bearing
                            6 Z11914 Piston sealing ring for piston
                            7 Z11924 O-ring for lower intermediate ring
                            8 Z21158 Relief valve complete
                            9 Z21190 Round rubber ring seamless
                            10 Z21410 JOINT RING ON CYLINDER LINER
                            11 Z21411 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            12 Z21412 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER 
                            13 Z21500 LUBRICATING QUILL WITH ACCUM. COMPLETE
                            14 Z21524 JOINT RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            15 Z21526 BUSH
                            16 Z21530 O-RING
                            17 Z21532 JOINT RING
                            18 Z23101 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS FOR GLAND BOX
                            19 Z23102 JOINT RING IN 3 PARTS FOR GLAND BOX
                            20 Z23103 GUIDE RING IN 2 PARTS FOR GLAND BOX
                            21 Z23112 Guide ring in 2-parts with pin
                            22 Z23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 2-PARTS WITH PIN
                            23 Z23120 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 2-PARTS
                            24 Z23125 TENSION SPRING
                            25 Z23126 TENSION SPRING
                            26 Z23128 RUBBER RING
                            27 Z23140 SET SCRAPER RING FOR GLAND BOX (Z23101,Z23119,Z23120)
                            28 Z23145 SET RUBBER RING & LOCKING PLATE FOR GLAND BOX (Z23128, Z23131)
                            29 Z23150 SET EXTENSION SPRING FOR GLAND BOX (Z23125,Z23126)
                            30 Z27100 Cylinder Cover
                            31 Z27116 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            32 Z27215 Circulation valve for fuel injection valve
                            33 Z27221 Compression spring for fuel injection valve
                            34 Z27222 CYLINDRICAL SCREW TO FUEL INJECTION VALVE;
                            35 Z27223 SLEEVE FOR TWO PIECE-NOZZLE;
                            36 Z27224 O-RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER-Z27201;
                            37 Z27225 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER
                            38 Z27226 O-RING FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            39 Z27242 NOZZLE WITH NEEDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            40 Z27244 ATOMIZER FOR FUEL INJ. VALVE (TWO PIECE NOZZLE)
                            41 Z27255 SET O RING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE ( Z27224 :Z27225:Z27226)
                            42 Z27408 VALVE SPINDLE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            43 Z27424 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            44 Z27425 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            45 Z27426 Piston ring for starting air valve
                            46 Z27429 O-RING FOR HOUSING Z27401
                            47 Z27509 VALVE SEAT FOR VALVE CAGE Z27501
                            48 Z27510 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE Z27501
                            49 Z27522 DISTANCE RING FOR GUIDE BUSH Z27511
                            50 Z27524 O-RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            51 Z27542 PISTON RING WITH GASTIGHT SNAP FOR PISTON
                            52 Z27550 PISTON JOINT RING FOR PISTON
                            53 Z27551 ROD JOINT RING FOR DISTANCE RING
                            54 Z27553 O RING FOR VALVE SEAT Z27509
                            55 Z27554 O RING FOR VALVE CAGE Z27502
                            56 Z27555 O RING FOR UPPER HOUSING
                            57 Z27556 O RING FOR PISTON Z27516
                            58 Z27557 O RING FOR BUSH Z27527
                            59 Z27558 JOINT RING EXHAUST VALVE SEAT
                            60 Z27565 O RING FOR VALVE CAGE Z27502
                            61 Z27600 VALVE SPINDLE WITH ROTATION WING
                            62 Z27660 Set of o-ring and joint
                            63 Z27670 Set of o-ring and tap washer
                            64 Z27700 Relief valve complete
                            65 Z27710 JOINT FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            66 Z27712 JOINT FOR VALVE SEAT
                            67 Z27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            68 Z33000 Connecting rod bearing
                            69 Z33120 Upper bearing half for connecting rod
                            70 Z33150 Bearing shell for upp end bearing
                            71 Z33200 lower bearing half for bottom end
                            72 Z33220 Bearing shell for bottom end bearing
                            73 Z34010 ELASTIC SCREW FOR PISTON
                            74 Z34027 O RING FOR PISTON ROD Z34006
                            75 Z34260 Set tap washer and o-ring
                            76 Z34401 PISTON RING 520x12x17MM
                            77 Z34402 PISTON RING 520x15x17MM
                            78 Z34403 PISTON RING
                            79 Z42185 CAM FOR FUEL PUMP
                            80 Z55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH AND SPRING CARRIER COMPLETE
                            81 Z55421 ROLLER GUIDE FOR Z 55420
                            82 Z55425 ROLLER FOR ROLLER GUIDES Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            83 Z55426 PIN FOR ROLLER GUIDES Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            84 Z55428 BUSH FOR ROLLER GUEIDES  Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            85 Z55429 THRUST WASKER FOR ROLLER GUIDES Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            86 Z55432 CIRCLIP FOR ROLLER Z 55425
                            87 Z55462 NIPPLE FOR GUIDE BUSH FOR PLUNGER
                            88 Z55562 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR PLUNGER Z55260
                            90 Z55805 SUCTION OR DELIVERY VALVE WITH SEAT;COMPLETE
                            91 Z55808 RELIEF VALVE , COMPLETE FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP ( Z55808-Z55819)
                            92 Z55819 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            93 Z55824 Push rod with guide bush and spring complete
                            94 Z55831 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR SUCTION ABS SPILL VALVE
                            95 Z55832 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            96 Z55836 PIN FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVES (FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP);
                            97 Z64670 VALVE GROUP, COMPLETE
                            98 Z64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            99 Z64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            100 Z64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            101 Z64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            102 Z64675 Screw with nut complete
                            103 Z72110 SIGHT GLASS INDICATOR INDUCTIVE, COMPLETE
                            104 Z72123 SIGHT GLASS WITH SQUARE SECTION JOINT RING AND BALL T27211
                            105 Z72124 NIPPLE FOR Z27211
                            106 Z72125 SQUARE SECTION JOINT RING FOR Z27211
                            107 Z72155 HYD MOTOR FOR CYLINDER LUBRICATING PUMP
                            108 Z81385 EXPANSION PIECE BEFORE TURBOCHARGER
                            109 Z84350 PRE-LUBRICATING VALVE COMPLETE
                            110 Z84459 Joint ring for hydraulic piping
                            111 Z84460 Joint ring for hydraulic piping
                            112 Z84486 CYLINDER SCREW
                            113 Z84491 O-RING
                            114 Z84492 O-ring for joint ring Z84459 & Z84460
                            115 Z84493 O-RING
                            116 Z87048 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            117 Z87055 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            118 Z87067S COUPLING PIECE
                            119 Z87075 Connection Piece for Z87048 & Z87055
                            120 Z87076 Connection piece for fuel pressure pipe
                            121 Z87077 Coupling nut for Z87048 & Z87055
                            122 Z87078 Coupling nut for Z87048 & Z87055
                            123 Z87080 O-ring for Z87076
                            124 Z87081 Eo-coupling nut for metallic hose
                            125 Z87082 Eo-cutting ring for Z87081
                            126 Z87145 BARREL NIPPLE
                            127 Z87626 Metallic Hose for Z97048
                            128 Z87631 Metallic Hose for Z97055
                            129 Z87651S O RING
                            130 Z87652S COUPLING NUT
                            131 Z87653S COUPLING PIECE
                            132 Z87654S COUPLING NUT
                            133 Z87754 NIPPLE
                            134 Z87757 JOINT RING FOR Z87754
                            135 Z87758 O-RING FOR Z87754
                            136 Z87759 SPINDLE HEAD
                            137 Z92028 REMOTE THERMOMETER WITH CAPILLARY TUBE COMPL.
                            138  CRANK SHAFT DEFLECTION CONTROL GAUGE WITH CASE;
                            139  Thermometer for Exh.Gas 650C
                            SULZER RTA62(U) 
                            1 94215 HYDRAULIC JACK FOR CYL. COVER
                            2 Z17115 JOINT FOR CRANKCASE DOOR Z27100
                            3 Z21155 JOINT FOR COVER Z21150
                            4 Z21303 CYLINDRICAL SCREW  
                            5 Z21401 CYLINDER LINER NEW WITH CCS CERT DRAWING NO.:0-107.237.568
                            6 Z21410 JOINT RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            7 Z21411 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            8 Z21412 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            9 Z21425 JOINT RING         
                            10 Z21526 BUSH
                            11 Z21530 O-RING
                            12 Z21532 JOINT
                            13 Z23101 SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS FOR GLAND
                            14 Z23102 JOINT RING IN 3-PARTS FOR CLAND BOX
                            15 Z23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 2-PARTS WITH PIN
                            16 Z23120 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 2 PARTS
                            17 Z23125 EXTENSION SPRING
                            18 Z23126 EXTENSION SPRING
                            19 Z23128 O-RING FOR Z 23105  
                            20 Z23140 SCRAPER RINGS FOR GLAND BOX
                            21 Z23150 EXTENSION SPRINGS FOR GLAND BOX
                            22 Z27101 CYLINDER COVER, BARE
                            23 Z27105 SLEEVE
                            24 Z27116 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            25 Z27200 FUEL INJECTION VALVE COMPELTE
                            26 Z27214 COLLAR NUT
                            27 Z27215 CIRCULATION VALVE FOR FUEL INJ. VALVE
                            28 Z27221 COMPRESSION SPRING
                            29 Z27223 SLEEVE FOR TWO PIECE NOZZLE
                            30 Z27224 O-RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            31 Z27225 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER Z27212
                            32 Z27226 O-RING FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            33 Z27227 DOWEL PIN
                            34 Z27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE
                            35 Z27242 NOZZLE WITH NEEDLE FOR 2-PIECE  NOZZLE (194 X 96 -11382 12)
                            36 Z27244 ATOMIZER FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE 2PIECES
                            37 Z27400 STARTING AIR VALVE COMPLETE
                            38 Z27406 O-RING FOR AIR STARTING VALVE
                            39 Z27408 VALVE SPINDLE 
                            40 Z27409 PISTON FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            41 Z27413 SPINDLE GUIDE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            42 Z27424 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            43 Z27425 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            44 Z27426 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            45 Z27429 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            46 Z27431 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT
                            47 Z27502 VALVE CAGE
                            48 Z27505 Square joint for Z 27504
                            49 Z27509 VALVE SEAT FOR VALVE CAGE Z27501
                            50 Z27510 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE
                            51 Z27513 LOCKING PLATE FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            52 Z27515 AIR CYLINDER HOUSING FOR EXHASUT VALVE
                            53 Z27519 O-RING FOR AIR CYLINDER HOUSING
                            54 Z27522 DISTANCE RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            55 Z27527 BUSH FOR UPPER HOUSING
                            56 Z27542 PISTON RING WITH GASTIGHT SNAP
                            57 Z27544 JOINT RING FOR SIGHT GLASS
                            58 Z27545 SIGHT GLASS FOR VALVE DRIVE
                            59 Z27550 PISTON JOINT RING FOR Z 27516 
                            60 Z27551 ROD JOINT RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            61 Z27552 DISTANCE RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            62 Z27554 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE
                            63 Z27554 O-ring for Z 27502 and Z 27509
                            64 Z27555 O-RING FOR UPPER HOUSING
                            65 Z27556 O-RING FOR PISTON
                            66 Z27557 O-RING FOR BUSH
                            67 Z27558 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT Z27509
                            68 Z27565 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE
                            69 Z27600 VALVE SPINDLE WITH ROTATION WING FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            70 Z27700 RELIEF VALVE COMPLETE( Z27701-Z27712)
                            71 Z27702 VALVE SEAT FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            72 Z27710 O-RING
                            73 Z27712 JONIT RING FOR VALVE SEAT Z27702
                            74 Z27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            75 Z33801 ELASTIC SCREW FOR SCREW CONNECTION PISTON ROD
                            76 Z33807 TAB WASHER
                            77 Z34010 ELASTIC SCREW FOR PISTON
                            78 Z34027 O-RING FOR PISTON ROD Z34201
                            79 Z34028 O-RING
                            80 Z34030 O-RING
                            81 Z34101 PISTON  HEAD
                            82 Z34121 PISTON SKIRT
                            83 Z34401 PISTON TOP RING
                            84 Z34402 PISTON RING
                            85 Z34432 PISTON RING SET
                            86 Z42118 CAMSHAFT PIECE WITH WINGS
                            87 Z42129 bush for 42125   
                            88 Z42165 flat bar for sleeve z42125 and z42130
                            89 Z42178 locking plate for z42165
                            90 Z42185 cam for fuel pump 
                            91 Z53228 PISTON JOINT RING FOR PISTON Z 53203
                            92 Z53229 ROD JOINT RING FOR HOUSING & GUIDE BUSH
                            93 Z53230 O-RING FOR VALVE HOLDER      
                            94 Z53231 O-RING FOR VALVE HOUSING  
                            95 Z53232 O-RING FOR COVER             
                            96 Z53233 O-RING FOR 3/2 WAY SOLENOID 
                            97 Z55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH AND SPRING CARRIER COMPL
                            98 Z55420 ROLLER GUIDE COMPLETE
                            99 Z55425 ROLLER FOR ROLLER GUIDES Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            100 Z55426 PIN FOR ROLLER GUIDES Z 55420 AND Z 55435
                            101 Z55801 SPIL VALVE WITH SEAT COMPLETE 
                            102 Z55805 Suction or delivery valve with seat
                            103 Z55815 SPRING FOR FUEL RELIEF VALVE
                            104 Z55819 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE HOUSING
                            105 Z64670 VALVE GROUP COMPLETE 38 PLATE GROUP
                            106 Z64671 FIRST PIECE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE
                            107 Z64672 CENTER PIECE FOR SCAVENGING VALVE
                            108 Z64673 END PIECE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE
                            109 Z64674 VALVE PLATE FOR SCAVENGING VALVE  T = 0.2mm
                            110 Z67300 WATER SEPARATOR AFTER AIR COOLER
                            111 Z67301 WATER SEPARATOR-PACK 7 GROUP
                            112 Z84430 CASING FOR HYDRAULIC PIPING
                            113 Z84440 CASING FOR HYDRAULIC PIPING
                            114 Z84459 JOINT RING FOR HYDRAULIC PIPING
                            115 Z84460 JOINT RING FOR HYDRAULIC PIPING
                            116 Z84491 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            117 Z84492 O-RING FOR JOINT RING
                            118 Z84493 O-RNG FOR GUIDE PIPE
                            119 Z87048 FUEL PRESS. PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            120 Z87055 FUEL PRESS. PIPE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            121 Z87065 FUEL DISTRIBUTOR FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            122 Z87080 O ring
                            123 Z87148 Fuel pressure pipe
                            124 Z87149 Fuel pressure pipe
                            125 Z87150 Fuel pressure pipe
                            126 Z87156 Claw  
                            127 Z87158 Coupling nut
                            128 Z87751 Fuel shut-off cock,complete
                            129 Z87754 Nipple   
                            130 Z87759 Spindle head
                            131 Z92021 THERMOMETER 100C TYPE: M20 L=80MM
                            SULZER RTA76 
                            1 R21550 LUBRICATING COMPLETE (R21551~R21556)
                            2 U21300 Water guide jacket for cyl.liner
                            3 U21400 CYLINDER LINER  DRAWING NO.:0-107.250.093
                            4 U21410 JOINT RING ON CYLINDER LINER
                            5 U21411 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            6 U21412 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            7 U21450 IVO PLUNGER-TYPE DISTRIBUTOR
                            8 U21500 LUBRICATING QUILL WITH ACCUMULATOR COMPLETE
                            9 U21505 DIAPHRAGM FOR ACCUMULATOR QUILLS
                            10 U21506 PISTON FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            11 U21508 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            12 U21515 NON-RETURN VALVE    
                            13 U21524 JOINT RING FOR ACCUMULATOR QUILLS
                            14 U21550 LUBRICATING COMPLETE ( U21551-U21556)
                            15 U23101 SCRAPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE           
                            16 U23102 SEALING RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            17 U23103 GUIDE RING ON GLAND BOX 
                            18 U23107 CLAMP ON GALD BOX ( 3PCS/ GLAND)
                            19 U23119 OIL SCRAPPER RING IN 3 PARTS,COMPLETE W/ PIN
                            20 U23120 OIL SCRAPPER RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            21 U23121 OIL SCRAPER RING WITH PIN 15MM
                            22 U23122 OIL SCRAPER RING 3-PARTS COMPLETE 15MM
                            23 U23123 OIL TIGHT RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE W/ PIN  
                            24 U23124 OIL TIGHT RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            25 U23125 EXTENSION SPRING
                            26 U23126 EXTENSION SPRING
                            27 U23127 EXTENSION SPRING
                            28 U23128 O-RING FOR UPPER HOUSING
                            29 U23129 O-RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            30 U23130 O-RING FOR LOWER HOUSING U23116  
                            31 U23188 O-RING FOR UPPER HOUSING U23112  
                            32 U27104 ELASTIC STUD FOR STARTING AIR VALVE U27400
                            33 U27106 ELASTIC STUD FOR RELIEF VALVE U27700
                            34 U27205 WASHER FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            35 U27208 DISC SPRING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            36 U27210 SPINDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            37 U27213 NOZZLE TIGHTENING NUT FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            38 U27215 CIRCULATION VALVE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE,
                            39 U27224 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            40 U27225 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER
                            41 U27226 O-RING FOR CIRCULATING VALVE
                            42 U27242 NOZZLE BODY WITH NEEDLE FOR FUEL INJ. V/V
                            43 U27243 O-RING FIXING NUT
                            44 U27404 BUSH FOR COVER U27403
                            45 U27408 VALVE SPINDLE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            46 U27424 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            47 U27425 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            48 U27426 PISON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            49 U27427 ROD SEAL RING FOR BUSH
                            50 U27429 O-RING FOR HOUSING
                            51 U27430 O-RING FOR BUSH U27407
                            52 U27431 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT U27431
                            53 U27508 VALVE SEAT FOR VALVE CAGE
                            54 U27510 O-RING FOR VALVE SEAT
                            55 U27518 VALVE SPINDLE WITH ROTATION RING
                            56 U27522 GUIDE BUSH FOR VALVE SPINDLE U27518
                            57 U27523 RETAINING RING FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            58 U27524 CYLINDER FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            59 U27525 DISTANCE SLEEVE FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            60 U27526 NUT FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            61 U27527 SECURITY SLEEVE FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            62 U27529 BUSH FOR EXHAUST VALVE
                            63 U27530 RETAINING RING FOR BUSH U27529 
                            64 U27535 LOCKING RING, TWO PARTS,FOR V/V SPINDLE U27518 
                            65 U27538 SEALING AIR THROTTLE COMPL.
                            66 U27539 JOINT RING FOR SEALING AIR THROTTLE U27538
                            67 U27546 PISTON JOINT RING WITH GASTIGHT SNAP
                            68 U27547 PISTON JOINT RING FOR AIR CYLINDER  HOUSING U27511 
                            69 U27548 ROD JOINT RING FOR VALVE SPINDLE 
                            70 U27549 O-RING FOR VALVE SEAT U27508
                            71 U27550 O-ring
                            72 U27551 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE U27502
                            73 U27552 O-RING FOR BUSH
                            74 U27555 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT
                            75 U27564 TENSION SPRING FOR LOCKING RING U27535
                            76 U27565 SHIM RING FOR DAMPING ELEMENT
                            77 U27580 SCREW PLUG FOR HOUSING
                            78 U27584 Locking Plate
                            79 U27585 Locking Plate
                            80 U27702 VALVE SEAT FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            81 U27703 VALVE BODY FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            82 U27707 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            83 U27710 O-RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            84 U27712 JOINT FOR VALVE SEAT
                            85 U27721 INDICATOR VALVE CONNECTION, M20 X 15
                            86 U27722 ADAPTOR FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            87 U27723 FLANGE FOR INDICATOR COCK
                            88 U27724 JOINT RING FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            89 U34002 NUT FOR ELASTIC STUD U34107
                            90 U34003 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT U34002
                            91 U34004 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT U34231
                            92 U34005 CONNECTION PIECE FOR PISTON COOLING ( OUTLET )
                            93 U34006 CONNECTION PIECE FOR PISTON COOLING ( INLET )
                            94 U34010 FLANGE FOR RUNNING PIECE U34230
                            95 U34012 LOCKING PLATE FOR FLANGE U34010
                            96 U34013 LOCKING PLATE LOCKING DISC U34003
                            97 U34014 O-RING FOR U34005 & U34006
                            98 U34015 O-RING FOR RUNNING PIPE
                            99 U34016 ROUND RUUBER RING FOR PISTON SKIRT
                            100 U34017 ROUND RUBBER RING BETWEEN UPPER PAT & LOWER PART 
                            101 U34021 SCREW FOR SEALING PLTE U34020
                            102 U34028 SCREW PLUG FOR SEALING PLATE U34020
                            103 U34101 Piston head CCS Certificate
                            104 U34102 PISTON HEAD CCS CERT.
                            105 U34107 ELASTIC STUD OF PISTON
                            106 U34109 ELASTIC STUD WITH COLLAR ON PISTON
                            107 U34121 Piston Skirt complete
                            108 U34122 PISTON SKIRT WITH RUBBING RING COMPL.   
                            109 U34123 RUBBING RING FOR PISTON SKIRT
                            110 U34125 PISTON SKIRT ( 2 PARTS) COMPLETE WITH RUBBING RING
                            111 U34230 RUNNING PIECE FOR PISTON
                            112 U34231 NUT FOR CONNECTING PIECE U43005 & U34006
                            113 U34401 PISTON RING
                            114 U34403 PISTON RING
                            115 U36160 STAND PIPE PISTON COOL INLET COMP
                            116 U36162 INLETE NOZZLE FOR STAND PIPE
                            117 U36163 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE 
                            118 U36166 DISTANCE TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            119 U36171 UPPER O-RING FOR STAND PIPE 
                            120 U36172 LONG O-RING FOR STAND PIPE 
                            121 U36173 INJECTION TUBE FOR INLETE NOZZLE
                            122 U36175  STAND PIPE PISTON COOL OUTLET COMP;
                            123 U36176 OUTLET NOZZLE ON STAND PIPE
                            124 U36203 SCRAPER RING ON GLAND BOX
                            125 U36205 JOINT RING IN 3 PARTS COMP.
                            126 U36206 SCRAPPER RING IN 3 PARTS COMP.
                            127 U36207 CLAMP ON GLAND BOX
                            128 U36210 TENSION SPRING FOR SCRAPER RING
                            129 U36211 TENSION SPRING FOR GUIDE RING
                            130 U36216 O-ring
                            131 U36217 O-RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            132 U36306 JOINT BETWEEN HOUSING AND SIGHT GLASS
                            133 U46003 PRESSURE REDUCER FOR CONTROL AIR SUPPLY
                            134 U53211 Bush for Intermediate piece
                            135 U53212 Guide bush for spindle U53206
                            136 U53225 O-ring for Intermediate piece
                            137 U53226 Piston joint ring for Piston U53207
                            138 U53227 Rod joint ring
                            139 U55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH
                            140 U55422 ROLLER FOR ROLLER GUIDES U55420 AND U55475
                            141 U55504 PISTON RING FOR PISTON U55503 
                            142 U55801 SPILL VALVE WITH SEAT COMP.
                            143 U55801 SPILL VALVE COMPLETE
                            144 U55805 SUCTION OR DELIVERY VALVE WITH SEAT COMP
                            145 U55830 PRESSURE BUSH FOR SUCTION
                            146 U55831 PRESSURE BUSH FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            147 U55833 PUSH ROD WITH GUIDE ASS'Y
                            148 U55841 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR SUCT.AND SPILL V/V
                            149 U55842 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR DELIVERY V/V
                            150 U55856 JOINT FOR STUD COUPLING U55852
                            151 U64670 Valve group,complete
                            152 U64671 FIRST PIECE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE
                            153 U64672 CENTER PIECE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE
                            154 U64673 END PIECE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE
                            155 U64674 VALVE PLATE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE 0.2MM
                            156 U64674 VALVE PLATE FOR SCAVENGE VALVE 3MM
                            157 U81385 EXPANSION PIECE BEFORE TURBOCHARGER
                            158 U87041 FUEL HIGH PRESSURE PIPE
                            159 U87042 F.O HIGH PRESSURE PIPE
                            160 U87044 F.O HIGH PRESSURE PIPE
                            161 U87046 F.O HIGH PRESSURE PIPE
                            162 U87048 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PIPE
                            163 U87049 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PIPE
                            164 U87050 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PIPE
                            165 U87520 O-RING FOR METALLIC HOSE
                            166 U87521 O-RING FOR FUEL OIL PRESSURE PIPE U87082
                            167 U87751 FUEL SHUT-OFF VALVE
                            168 U87757 JOINT ON NIPPLE U87754
                            169 94145-4A O-ring to rod joint ring 130x125x3.8
                            170 94145-4B Slide ring to piston joint ring 130x125x3.8
                            171 94145-4C O-ring to rod joint ring 85x89x3.8
                            172 94145-4D Slide ring to piston joint ring 85x89x3.8
                            173 94180-4A O-ring to rod joint ring 360x352x5.8
                            174 94180-4B Slide ring to piston joint ring 360x352x5.8
                            175 94180-4C O-ring to rod joint ring 220x226x5.8
                            176 94180-4D Slide ring to piston joint ring 220x226x5.8
                            177 94215 4 Connecting Nipple Pretensioning Jack to the cylinder cover studs
                            178 94251-6 Connecting Nipple  Pretensioning Jack to the Exhaust valve
                            179 94252-4 Connecting Nipple Pretensioning Jack to the Exhaust valve cage
                            180 94260-1 Spring Dowel Pin  Valve seat with drawing device
                            181 94260-11 Tapped Pin  Valve seat with drawing device
                            182 94260-12 Vent Screw  Valve seat with drawing device
                            183 94260-13 Piston  Valve seat with drawing device
                            184 94260-14 Cylinder  Valve seat with drawing device
                            185 94313-2A O-ring to rod joint ring 265x259x5.8
                            186 94313-2B Slide ring to piston joint ring 265x259x5.8
                            187 94313-2C O-ring to rod joint ring 160x165x3.8
                            188 94313-2D Slide ring to piston joint ring 160x165x3.8
                            189 94314-6A O-ring to rod joint ring 190x184x5.8
                            190 94314-6B Slide ring to piston joint ring 190x184x5.8
                            191 94314-6C O-ring to rod joint ring 140x145x3.8
                            192 94314-6D Slide ring to piston joint ring 140x145x3.8
                            193 94424-10 Connecting Nipple
                            194 94424-1A O-ring to rod joint ring 90x86x3.8
                            195 94424-1B Slide ring to piston joint ring 90x86x3.8
                            196 94706-2A O-ring to rod joint ring 120x115x3.8
                            197 94706-2B Slide ring to piston joint ring 120x115x3.8
                            198 94706-2C O-ring to rod joint ring 70x74x3.8
                            199 94706-2D Slide ring to piston joint ring 70x74x3.8
                            200 94425 CONNECTION
                            201 94426 CONNECTION
                            202 94427 CONNECTION 
                            203 94429 HIGH PRESS HOSE (2000 KG/CM2 STEEL PIPE)
                            SULZER RTA84 
                            1 U21411 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            2 U21450 IVO PLUNGER-TYPE DISTRIBUTOR
                            3 U21503 CONNECTION PIECE FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            4 U21505 DIAPHRAGM FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            5 U23103 GUIDE RING
                            6 U23109 JOINT SEGMENT
                            7 U23113 OIL SCRAPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            8 U23114 OIL SCRAPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            9 U23115 JOINT RING IN THREE PARTS, COMPLETE  
                            10 U23115 JOINT RING IN 3-PARTS COMPLETE.
                            11 U23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPLETE
                            12 U23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPLETE
                            13 U23122 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            14 U23125 EXTENSION SPRING FOR U23107
                            15 U23126 EXTENSION SPRING FOR CLAMP RING
                            16 U23128 O-RING FOR UPPER HOUSING
                            17 U23129 RUBBER RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            18 U23130 O-RING FOR LOWER HOUSING
                            19 U27114 SCREW PLUG FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            20 U27116 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            21 U27206 DOWEL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            22 U27215 CIRCULATION VALVE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            23 U27216 NEEDLE SEAT WITH NEEDLE FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            24 U27218 CONNECTING PIECE FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            25 U27219 CONNECTION PIECE FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            26 U27222  SOCKET HEAD CAP SCREW FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            27 U27223 SLEEVE FOR TWO PIECE NOZZLE
                            28 U27224 O RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            29 U27225 O-RING FOR SPRING TENSIONER
                            30 U27226 O RING FOR CIRCULATION VALVE
                            31 U27227 DOWEL PIN FOR ATOMIZER
                            32 U27228 DOWEL PIN FOR NOZZLE BODY
                            33 U27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE TYPE : 5x0.775x0.750x0.725/0.650/0700R
                            34 U27242 NOZZLE F/J VALVE (TWO PIECE NOZZLE) WN3 194.894.200.N12.0001
                            36 U27244 ATOMIZER FOR F/J VALVE MNS 3
                            37 U27401 HOUSING
                            38 U27408 VALVE SPINDLE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            39 U27410 CONNECTING PIECE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            40 U27413 SPINDLE GUIDE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            41 U27414 VALVE SEAT
                            42 U27418 COMPRESSION RING
                            43 U27421 DOWEL PIN
                            44 U27425 PISRON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            45 U27426 PISTON RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            46 U27427 ROD SEAL RING
                            47 U27429 O-RING FOR STARTING AIR VALVE HOUSING
                            48 U27430 O-RING FOR BUSH
                            49 U27431 JOINT RING FOR HOUSING
                            50 U27435 NUT FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            51 U27436 SCREW-IN UNION FOR COVER
                            52 U27437 SCREW-IN UNION FOR 5/2 WAY U27415
                            53 U27508 VALVE SEAT TO VALVE CAGE U27502
                            55 U27548 ROD JOINT FOR VALVE SPINDLE U27518
                            56 U27551 O-RING FOR VALVE CAGE U27502 & U27508
                            57 U27555 JOINT RING FOR VALVE SEAT (U27508)
                            58 U27724 JOIN RING FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            59 U34002 NUT FOR ELASTIC STUD U23107
                            60 U34004 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT U34231
                            61 U34005 CONNECTION PIECE FOR PISTON COOLING OUTLET
                            62 U34006 CONNECTION PIECE FOR PISTON COOLING INLET
                            63 U34010 FLANGE FOR RUNNING PIPE U34230
                            64 U34014 O-RING FOR CENTRE PIECE
                            65 U34015 O-RING FOR RUNNING PIPE
                            66 U34016 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR PISTON SKIRT
                            68 U34021 SCREW FOR SEALING PLATE
                            69 U34104 O-RING FOR U34005 AND U34006 
                            70 U34108 LOCATING SCREW FOR ELASTIC STUD
                            71 U34109 ELASTIC STUD WITH COOLAR ON PISTON
                            72 U34121 PISTON SKIRT COMPLETE ( U34122 + U34123)
                            73 U34122 PISTON SKIRT
                            74 U34125 PISTON SKIRT 2PARTS COMPLETE
                            75 U34230 RUNNING PIPE FOR PISTION
                            76 U34231 NUT FOR CONNECTING PIECE U34005 & U34006
                            77 U34401 PISTON RING    580x12
                            78 U34405 PISTON RING  (Oblique cut) 580x12x14mm
                            79 U36170 LOCKING PLATE FOR STAND PIPE
                            80 U36171 UPPER O-RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            81 U36172 LOWER O-RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            82 U36205 JOINT RING IN 3-PARTS ON GLAND BOX COMPLETE
                            83 U36206 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS ON GLAND BOX
                            84 U36210 TENSION SPRING FOR GUIDE RING U 36206
                            85 U36211 TENSION SPRING FOR GUIDE RING U 36204
                            86 U43120 STRAIGHT CUT OFF VALVE COMPLETE
                            87 U43122 PISTON FOR CUT OFF VALVE
                            88 U43124 SEATING RINGS FOR U 43122
                            89 U46002 PRESSURE REDUCER FOR CONTROL AIR
                            90 U46003 PRESSURE REDUCER, COMPLETE FOR SAFETY CONTROL AIR
                            91 U46006 AIR FILTER FOR CONTROL SUPPLY
                            92 U55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH AND SPRING CARRIER COMPL
                            93 U55462 PRESSING NIPPLE FOR GUIDE BUSH PLUNGER
                            94 U55542 ROLLER GUIDE FOR FUEL PUMP COMPLETE
                            95 U55562 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR PLUNGER 
                            96 U55801 SPILL VALVE WITH SEAT COMPLETE
                            97 U55805 SUC. OR DEL. VALVES W/SEAT COMPLETE
                            98 U55830 PRESSURE BUSH FOR SUCT / SPILL VALVES
                            99 U55831 PRESSURE BUSH FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            100 U55841 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR SUC/SPILL VALVE
                            101 U55842 COMPRESSION SPRING FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            103 U72123 SIGHT GLASS FOR U72111  WITH 8 DELIVERY PIPES 
                            104 U87042 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPLETE
                            105 U87048 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            106 U87049 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            107 U87050 COUPLING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            108 U87082 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPL. CONICAL END
                            109 U87087 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPL.
                            110 U87092 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPL.
                            111 U87097 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPL. CONICAL END
                            112 U94252 CAGE (SET OF SEATING) RINGS
                            113 U94937 HYDRAULIC JACK 10t



                            電 話:0335-5890202
                            傳   真:0335-8576866
                            手 機:13833509980
                            地 址:秦皇島市經濟技術開發區渭水道4號科技園創中心311室

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