SULZER RND68  
                            1 G11710 MAIN BEARING
                            2 G11711 BEARING HALF SHELL FOR MAIN  BEARING
                            3 G12601 BEARING HALF SHELL FOR THRUST BEARING
                            4 G14802 1  SET  OF  SHIMS, COMPLETE,  FOR  CROSSHEAD  GUIDE
                            5 G14807 1  SET  OF  SHIMS, COMPLETE, FOR  RAIL  G14806
                            6 G21300 WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            7 G21306 Cyl pin for water guide
                            8 G21401 CYLINDER  LINER  (CCS )
                            9 G21402 Upper copper band
                            10 G21403  Lower copper band
                            11 G21406 Filling pin for cylinder liner
                            12 G21407 Sealing for filling pin
                            13 G21410 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            14 G21411 JOINT BETWEEN CYL.COVER AND CYLINER LINER
                            15 G21412 RUBBER RING FOR COOLING WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            16 G21500 LUBRCATING QUILL WITH ACCUMULATOR COMPLETE
                            17 G21520 O-RING
                            18 G21526 COPPER WASHER
                            19 G21534 Spring for accumulator
                            20 G21535 Roll-type diaph. For acc.ACCUMULATOR MEMBRANE
                            21 G23101 UPPER OIL SCARPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            22 G23102 UPPER SEALING RING IN3 PARTS COMPLET
                            23 G23103 GUIDE RING,COMPLETE
                            24 G23107 LOCK, COMPLETE FOR STUFFING BOX
                            25 G23110 SUPPORT FOR GUIDE RING FOR STUFFING BOX
                            26 G23111 UPPER HOUSING
                            27 G23112 FLANGE
                            28 G23113 SEALING RING IN ONE-PART FOR STUFFING BOX
                            29 G23116 LOWER HOUSING
                            30 G23117 UPPER RING HOLDER
                            31 G23118 RING HOLDER
                            32 G23119 LOWER OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            33 M23119 LOWER OIL SCARPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            34 G23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL SCRAPER RING
                            35 G23126 SPRING FOR LOCK G23107
                            36 G23127 SPRING FOR LOWER OIL SCRAPER RING
                            37 M23127 SPRING FOR LOWER OIL SCRAPER RING
                            38 G23129 RUBBER SEALING RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            39 G23130 RUBBER SEALING RING FOR LOWER HOUSEING
                            40 G27101 CYLINDER COVER LOWER PART
                            41 G27102 JOINT B/T CYL.COVER & CYL.COVER INSERT
                            42 G27121 CYLINDER COVER INSERT
                            43 G27133 COPPER GASKET
                            44 G27138 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER INSERT
                            45 G27140 Seat for fuel injector nozzle
                            46 G27151 COOLING WATER INJECTION PIPE FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            47 G27152 JOINT FOR COOLING WATER INJECTION PIPE
                            48 G27158 RUBBER RING COOLING WATER TRANSITION
                            49 G27168 JOINT FOR COOLING WATER INJECTION PIPE
                            50 G27200 FUEL INJECTOR COMPLETE ( WITHOUT NOZZLE)
                            51 G27202 NOZZLE HOLDER
                            52 G27203 STOP BUSH FOR NOOZLE HOLDER
                            53 G27204 GUIDE BUSH FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            54 G27208 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            55 G27210 SPINDLE FOR INJECTOR
                            56 G27211 SPRING PLATE
                            57 G27212  Spring tensioner for fuel injector
                            58 G27213 Spacer for fuel inj. Valve
                            59 G27214 Con. Piece for f. pres. Pipe
                            60 G27215 CUP NUT FOR FUEL INJECTOR
                            61 G27220 Spring for fuel injector
                            62 G27225 Blow-through valve, complete
                            63 G27226 SPINDLE FOR BLOW-THROUGNT VALVE
                            64 G27227 NIPPLE FOR BLOW-THROUGNT VALVE
                            65 G27228 Cap nut for blow-through
                            66 G27229 BALL FOR BLOW-THROUGNT VALVE
                            67 G27230 RUBBER RING FOR SPINDEL
                            68 G27231 Rubber ring for nipple G 27227
                            69 G27233 Small double nipple for fuel injector
                            70 G27234 Large double nipple for fuel injector
                            71 G27236 RUBBER RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            72 G27237 JOINT RING FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            73 G27238 JOINT RING FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            74 G27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE  SPEC.: TNPK 135 X 12 X 0.625R
                            75 G27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE   DSZ 880 138X6X0.650R
                            76 G27240 NOZZLE,COMPLETE   138*7*0.575, 130*7*0.525
                            77 G27300 SPRING WASHER PCKET COMPLETE FOR BOLT G27122
                            78 G27415 Interm. Ring for start. Val.
                            79 G27416 STARTING VALVE SPINDLE
                            80 G27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING VALVE
                            81 G27420 BUSH FOR NIPPLE G27421
                            82 G27421 NIPPLE FOR STARTING VALVE
                            83 G27426 Pres. Ring for leather pac.
                            84 G27427 LEATHER PACKING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            85 G27428 SPRING
                            86 G27430 SMALL PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            87 G27431 MEDIUM PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            88 G27432 LARGE PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            89 G27433 Set screw
                            90 G27434 Cylindrical pin
                            91 G27443 Joint for screw plug
                            92 G27444 Joint for double nipple
                            93 G27445 JOINT FOR STARTING VALVE
                            94 G27446 JOINT FOR INTERMEDIATE RING 
                            95 G27447 RUBBER RING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            96 G27448 RUBBER RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            97 G27706 Spacing ring for relief v.
                            98 G27710 RUBBER RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            99 G27711 JOINT FOR VALVE SEAT
                            100 G27720 INDICATOR COCK, COMPL.
                            101 G27721 JOINT FOR INDICATOR COCK
                            102 G27722 FLANGE FOR INDICATOR COCK
                            103 G27723 Intermediate piece
                            104 G27724  Nipple for indic. Valve
                            105 G33201 LOWER CONNECTIONG ROD BEARING IN TWO PARTS COMPLETE
                            106 G33220 1 SET OF SHIM, COMPLETE FOR LOWER CONNECTING ROD BEARING
                            107 G33330 BEARING SHELL FOR UPPER CONNECTIONG ROD SHELL
                            108 G34002 NUT FOR CONNECTING ROD BOLT G34107
                            109 G34004 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON ROD AND PISTON
                            110 G34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE G34330
                            111 G34006 RUBBER RING B/T PISTON UPPER PART & LOWER PART
                            112 G34013 FIXING SCREW COMPLETE WITH LOCKING PLATE FOR LOCKING DISC G 34001
                            113 G34100 Piston upper part
                            114 G34101 PISTON UPPER PART
                            115 G34104 END COVER FOR PISTON UPPER PART
                            116 G34107 CONNECTING BOLT FOR MAIN PISTON
                            117 G34108 LOCKING SCREW
                            118 G34110 FIXING SCREW
                            119 G34112 RUBBER RING FOR END COVER
                            120 G34121 PISTON LOWERS PART, COMPLETE
                            121 G34122 PISTON LOWER PART COMPL. WITH RUBBING RING
                            122 G34123 RUBBER BAND IN 4-PARTS FOR PISTON LOWER RUBBER
                            123 G34330 Reciprocating  tube
                            124 G34331 NUT FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE G-34330
                            125 G34401 PISTON RING
                            126 G34402 PISTON RING
                            127 M34401 PISTON RING
                            128 G36127 Rubber ring for chest
                            129 G36140 Stand pipe(inlet) complete
                            130 G36143 GUID BUSH FOR STAND PIPE ( INLET & OUTLET )
                            131 G36149 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE ( INLET )
                            132 G36152 LOCKING PLATE FOR STRAND PIPE
                            133 G36153 UPPER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            134 G36154 LOWER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            135 G36160 Stand pipe(out) complete
                            136 G36241 INTERMEDIATE PIECE FOR LOWER SCRAPER GROPUP
                            137 G36242 INTERMEDIATE PIECE FOR LOWER SCRAPER GROPUP
                            138 G36243 SCRAPER RING FOR LOWER SCRAPER GROUP
                            139 G36244 RUBBER RING FOR LOWER SCRAPER RING
                            140 G36252 GUIDE RING , COMPLETE FOR UPPER  SCRAPER
                            141 G36255 SEALING RING IN 3-PARTS FOR UPPER SCRAPER
                            142 G36256 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS FOR UPPER SCRAPER
                            143 G36257 LOCKING PIECE COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            144 G36260 LARGE GARTER SPRING FOR UPPER SCRAPER
                            145 G36261 SMALL GARTER SPRING FOR UPPER SCRAPER
                            147 G40010-2 REPAIR KIT FOR G40010 ( ABOVE)
                            148 G43400 STARTING AIR PILOT VALVE( STARTING CONTROL VALVE
                            149 G43653 PISTON FOR CONTROL VALVE 
                            150 G43654 VALVE BODY FOR CONTROL VALVE
                            151 G43657 SPRING FOR CONTROL VALVE
                            152 G45108 SHAFT SEAL FOR REVERSING VALVE
                            153 G49502 TACHOMETER
                            154 G55201 FUEL  PUMP BLOCK COMPL
                            155 G55260 PLUNGER WITH GUIDE BUSH, COMPL
                            156 G55315 Relief Valve complete for Fuel Pump
                            157 G55485 Control lever for fuel pump suction  valves
                            158 G55486 Control lever for fuel pump spill valves
                            159 G55507 PUSH ROD FOR SUCTION & SPILL VALVE CONTOL
                            160 G55508 CLAMPING NUT FOR BUSH ROD
                            161 G55509 SET SCREW FOR BUSH ROD
                            162 G55521 INNER SPRING
                            163 G55522 OUT SPRING
                            164 G55538 BUST FOR REGULATING RODS AND FORKED PIECES
                            165 G55545 pin for regulating rods for fuel pump
                            166 G55801 STILL VALVE, COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            167 G55804 PRESSURE PLATE FOR STILL VALVE
                            168 G55805 SUCTION OF DELIVERY VALVE, COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            169 G55815 RELIEF VALVE, COMPLETE FOR FUEL PUMP
                            170 G55821 PRESSURE NIPPLE FOR SUCTION & SPILL
                            171 G55824 PUSH ROD WITH GUIDE BUSH & SPRING COMPL
                            172 G55827 SPRING FOR BUSH ROD
                            173 G55831 SPRING FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVE
                            174 G55832 SPRING FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            175 G55833 NECKED DOWN BOLT FOR COVERS
                            176 G55834 SPRING FOR PRESSURE PLATE
                            177 G58147 TENSION SPRING FOR REGULATING LINKAGE
                            178 G58159 TENSION SPRING FOR SUSPENSION DEVICE
                            179 G64670 VALVE GROUP ( 27 VALVES ) COMPLETE.
                            180 G64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            181 G64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            182 G64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            183 G64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP  0.3MM
                            184 G64675 TIE BOLT WITH NUT
                            185 G65423 RUBBER RING
                            186 G81420 COMPENSATOR BEFORE T/C, COMPL,
                            187 G84130 EXPENSATOR BETWEEN EXHAUST PIPES
                            188 G86933 CONTROL VALVE COMPLETE
                            189 G87145 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPLETE
                            190 G87150 FUEL PRESSURE PIPE COMPLETE
                            191 G87780 FUEL FILTER, COMPLETE
                            192 G92051 THERMOMETER FOR COOLING WATER  OUTLET
                            193 G92052 THERMOMETER FOR COOLING WATER INLET BEFORE PISTON
                            194 G92053 THERMOMETER FOR COOLING PIPES
                            195 G92059 REMOTE THERMOMETER WITH CAPILLARY TUBE, COMPLETE
                            196 G92060 REMOTE THERMOMETER WITH CAPILLARY TUBE, COMPLETE
                            197 G92066 Dial thermometer
                            199 G92070 U-pipe pressure gauge
                            200 B91 JACK AND HOSE HYDRAULIC TIGHTENING OF TIE RODS
                            201 1) 10 TONS
                            202 2) 30 TONS
                            203 3) HOSE
                            204 94124 Depth guage
                            205 94151 Measuring rod
                            206 94215 Hydraulic tens.jack assem.
                            207 94238 Filler gauge
                            208 94269 For tight.& loos.
                            209 94272 Hold. Device for spray tes.
                            210 94273 Hand p/p for spray test.
                            211 94274 Extract. Dev. For v/v seats
                            212 94314 HYD.TIGHTENING JACKET FOR BOTTOM & TP CONNECTING ROD BOLTS
                            213 94356 Hydraulic jack ( 30 t. )
                            214 94356 Jack holder
                            215 94363 Long press screw
                            216 94364 Short press screw
                            219 94556 SPECIAL WRENCH TOOL FOR FUEL P/P VALVE PRESSURE NIPPLE
                            220 94931 HYDRAULIC PUMP ( OPERATION PRESSURE )
                            221 94931 Jack RC 256 35 ton
                            222 94931 High pressure hose
                            223 94931 Coupling halves CR 400
                            224 94931 Coupling halves CH-600
                            225 94931 Connect pieces Z913
                            226 94931 Oil distributer P80 - 02
                            227 94931 Distributing piece
                            228 94931 Pump  P 462
                            229 94932 PRESSURE GUAGE (1~1000BAR)
                            230 94934 OIL DISTRIBUTOR
                            231 94935 HYDRAULIC PIPE
                            232 94936 HYDRAULIC JACKS ( 230KN, 30 TONS )
                            233 94934a DISTRIBUTOR PIECE
                            SULZER RND68M 
                            1 M21300 WATER GUIDE JACKET FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            2 M21401 CYLINDER LINER  CCS CERTIFICATE
                            3 M21410 ROUND RUBBER RING
                            4 M21411 SEALING RING BETWEEN CYL.COVER & CYL.LINER
                            5 M21412 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            6 M21421 HOLDER FOR CENTERING PIN
                            7 M21422 CENTERING PIN FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            8 M21501 LUBRICATING QUILL
                            9 M21504 FLANGE FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            10 M21505 SEALING PIPE FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            11 M21511 NON-RETURN VV COMPLETE
                            12 M21520 SEALING RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            13 M21526 SEALING RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            14 M21534 SPRING FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            15 M23100 Stuffing box for piston rod, complete
                            16 M23101 OIL SCRAPER RING, IN THREE PARTS, COMPLETE
                            17 M23102 SEALING RING, IN THREE PARTS, COMPLETE
                            18 M23103 GUIDE RING, COMPLETE FOR STUFFING BOX
                            19 M23107 LOCK COMPLETE
                            20 M23110 Ring carrier for stuffing box
                            21 M23117 RING HOLDER FOR STAUFFING BOX
                            22 M23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE WITH PIN
                            23 M23120 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            24 M23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL SCRAPER RING
                            25 M23126 SPRING FOR LOCK M23107
                            26 M23127 SPRING FOR OIL SCRAPER RING M23119 & M23120
                            27 M23129 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            28 M23130 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR HOUSING
                            29 M27101 CYLINDER COVER 9-107.010.739
                            30 M27103 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            31 M27106 INSERT SLEEVE COMPL. FOR CYL.COVER
                            32 M27107 INSERT SLEEVE FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            33 M27108 TENSION STUD COMPLETE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            34 M27111 RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE
                            35 M27112 RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE
                            36 M27113 LINING PIECE FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            37 M27140 SEAT FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            38 M27200 INJECTION VALVE
                            39 M27201 Nozzle holder, complete
                            40 M27203 STOP BUSH FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            41 M27208 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            42 M27212 SPRING TENSIONED FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            43 M27214 CONNECTING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            44 M27215 CUP NUT FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            45 M27221 Joint for indicator valve
                            46 M27230 Rubber ring for spindle M27226
                            47 M27231 Rubber ring for nipple M27227
                            48 M27234 LARGE DOUBLE NIPPLE FOR F.V. INJECTOR
                            49 M27236 RUBBER RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            50 M27237 Joint for double nipple M27233
                            51 M27238 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE M-27234
                            52 M27240 Nozzle complete  WNS 3-107.191.380- 157/152  7/7  0.65/0.60R x N1.8
                            53 M27240 Nozzle complete with needle,  157 x 7 x 0.725 N 1.8, 152 x 7 x 0.675 N 1.8
                            54 M27240 Nozzle complete with needle Spec.157*8*0.575R/152*8*0.550R SLOW RL56
                            55 M27400 STARTING VALVE COMPLETE
                            56 M27401 HOUSING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            57 M27416 STARTING VALVE SPINDLE
                            58 M27418 SPINDLE GUIDE FOR STARTING VALVE
                            59 M27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING VALE
                            60 M27420 Bush for nipple
                            61 M27421 Nipple for starting valve
                            62 M27426 Pressing ring for leather packing
                            63 M27427 leather packing for starting valve
                            64 M27430 SMALL PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            65 M27431 MEDIUM PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            66 M27432 LARGE PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            67 M27433 SET SCREW FOR VALVE SEAT M27419
                            68 M27434 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR SPINDLE GUIDE M27418
                            69 M27440 DOUPLE NIPPLE WITH CAP NUT FOR STARTING V/V
                            70 M27441 CASTLE NUT WITH SPLIT PIN, COMPL
                            71 M27442 SMALL JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE M 27440
                            72 M27444 LARGE JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE M 27440
                            73 M27445 JOINT FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING
                            74 M27447 Rubber ring for starting valve housing
                            75 M27447 Rubber ring for starting valve housing
                            76 M27448 Rubber ring for guide bush
                            77 M27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            78 M27721 JOINT FOR INDICATOR VALVE
                            79 M34003 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT M 34331
                            80 M34004 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON ROD & PISTON UPPER PART
                            81 M34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE
                            82 M34006 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON UPPER PART AND LOWER PART
                            83 M34010 FIXING SCREW FOR PISTON ROD M 34201
                            84 M34101 PISTON UPPER PART, COMPLETE (CROWN)  DRAWING NO.: 9-107.045.981
                            85 M34110 Fixing screw, compl. with locking plate
                            86 M34112 RUBBER RING FOR END COVER M34104
                            87 M34121 PISTON LOWER PART, COMPLETE (SKIRT)
                            88 M34201 PISTON ROD
                            89 M34210 NUT FOR PISTON ROD
                            90 M34330 RECIPROCATING TUBE FOR PISTON COOLING
                            91 M34331 NUT FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE M 34330
                            92 M34401 PISTON RING (OBLIQUE CUT)
                            93 M36127 Rubber ring for chest M36180
                            94 M36141 Injection tube for stand pipe (inlet)
                            95 M36142 Inlet nozzle for injection tube
                            96 M36143 Guide bush for stand pipe (inlet and outlet)
                            97 M36149 Guide bush for stand pipe (inlet)
                            98 M36152 Locking plate for stand pipe (inlet and outlet)
                            99 M36153 upper rubber ring for stand pipe (inlet and outlet)
                            100 M36154 Lower rubber ring for stand pipe (inlet and outlet)
                            101 M36201 Joint for supporting branch
                            102 M36255 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS, COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            103 M36256 SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS, COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            104 M36257 Locking piece, complete, for upper scraper group
                            105 M36260 LARGE GARTER SPRING
                            106 M36261 SMALL GARTER SPRING
                            107 M36306 JOINT BETWEEN HOUSING AND SIGHT GLASS
                            108 M36308 JOINT BETWEEN HOUSING AND SIGHT GLASS AND FLANGE
                            109 M36309 SIGHT GLASS FOR FLOW INDICATOR-CUT- OFF SERVOMOTOR
                            110 M40010 pressure reducing station complete for pneumatic control system 
                            111 M40012 PRESSURE-REDUCING STATION
                            112 M42130 FUEL PUMP CAM IN 2-PARTS
                            113 M43141 Starting air sleeve valve, Complete
                            114 M43612 insert bush for auto starting air stop valve
                            115 M43618 spacing ring for piston ring
                            116 M43619 Piston ring for automatic starting air stop valve
                            117 M43640 Packing for stuffing box for starting air stop valve
                            118 M45545 PISTON SEALING FOR PISTONS M 45512 AND M 45513
                            119 M46270 Speed setting pressure control valve for control stand
                            120 M55203 FUEL PUMP BLOCK
                            121 M55254 ROLLER FOR DIVIING PISTON
                            123 M55801 Spill valve,complete with seat
                            124 M55805 Suction or delivery valve,complete with seat
                            125 M55815 Relief valve,complete for fuel injection pump
                            126 M55831 SPRING FR SUCTION & SPILL VALVES
                            127 M55832 SPRING FR DELIVERY VALVE
                            128 M55834 Spring for pressure plate M55820
                            129 M64474 Valve plate for valve group (T-0.3mm)
                            130 M64672 Middle piece for valve group
                            131 M72210 CYLINDER OILER COMPLETE WITH RATCHET DRIVE
                            132 M81430 COMPENSATOR BETWEEN EXHAUST PIPES,COMPLETE
                            133 M87441 RUBBER O-RING FOR CONNECTING FUEL PIPE
                            134 M88429 ROLLER - TYPE DIAPHRAGM FOR CONTROL V/V
                            135 M88432 3 / 2 - WAY VALVE FOR CONTROL VALVE
                            136 94215 TENSIONING JACK FORL.CYL. HEAD STUDS
                            137 94215 HOSE FOR TENSIONING JACK L=600
                            138 94215-33A O-RING FOR JACK TENSION STUD CYL COVER
                            139 94215-33 O-RING FOR JACK TENSION STUD CYL COVER
                            140 NO.7 COOLING WATER VENT FLEXIBLE PIPE FROM CYL.COVER
                            141 94279 Lapping discs 49mm
                            142 94280 Copper grinding 17mm (RN68)
                            143 94281 Bronze check dics 61mm
                            144 94282 Wire brush
                            145 94283 Container with drills and check gauge pin
                            146 94288 Tin of special lapping powder
                            147 94290 Surface plate for lapping the nozzle holder contact face 200 x 300 x 40mm
                            148 11 Pressure  piece
                            149 12 Coupling female half
                            150 13 Coupling male half
                            151 14(94935) High pressure hose1800mm length
                            152 6(94934a) Distributor piece
                            153  Eye  bolt  M24×70×30
                            154 1103146 GT-1/20 is replaced by SPT-20 Bar pressure transmitter
                            155  THERMOMETERS FOR JACKET & PISTON COOL WATER OUTLET RANGE  0-100
                            SULZER RND76 
                            1 G17006 CLAMP FOR DOOR
                            2 G17185 RUBBER RING FOR RELIEF  VALVE
                            3 G21400 CYLINDER LINER COMPLETE ( G 21401~G 21412 )
                            4 G21401 CYLINDER LINER , NEW ,WITH CCS CERT.( Drawing No :9-107.107.325)
                            5 G21402 UPPER COPPER BAND FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            6 G21403 LOWER COPPER BAND FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            7 G21406 FILTER FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            8 G21407 JOINT FOR FILTER
                            9 G21410 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            10 G21411 JOINT BETWEEN CYLINDER COVER & CYL.LINER
                            11 G21412 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            12 G21501 LUBRICATING STUD
                            13 G21503 FILLING PIN FOR LUBRICATING STUD
                            14 G21504 FLANGE FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            15 G21505 Sealing tube for lubricating stud
                            16 G21506 FLANGE IN TWO PARTS
                            17 G21519 SEALING RING FOR LUB.QUILL
                            18 G21520 RUBBER RING FOR LUB.QUILL
                            19 G21535 Roll-type diaphragm for accumulator
                            20 G23101 UPPER OIL SCRAPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            21 G23102 UPPER SEALING RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            22 G23103 GUIDE RING,COMPLETE FOR STAFF.BOX
                            23 G23107 Lock complete for staffing box
                            24 G23111 UPPER HOUSING FOR STUFFING BOX
                            25 G23113 SEALING RING IN ONE PART
                            26 G23119 LOWER OIL SCRAPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPLETE
                            27 M23119 Lower oil scraper ring in three parts, complete
                            28 G23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL SCRAPPER RING
                            29 G23126 SPRING FOR LOCK
                            30 G23127 SPRING FOR LOWER OIL ACRAPER RING G23119
                            31 M23127 SPRING FOR LOWER OIL SCRAPER RING
                            32 G23128 RUBER SEALING RING FOR UPPER HOUSING G23111
                            33 G23129 RUBBER SEALING FOR RING HOLDER G23117
                            34 G23130 RUBBER SEALING FOR LOWER HOUSING G23116
                            35 G27101 CYLINDER COVER
                            36 G27102 JOINT BETWEEN CYL.COVER & COVER INSERT
                            37 G27120 CYLINDER COVER INSERT COMPLETE
                            38 G27121  CYLINDER COVER INSERT
                            39 G27138 RUBBER RING FOR CYL.COVER 
                            40 G27140 Seat for fuel injector nozzle
                            41 G27152 JOINT FOR COOLING WATER INJECTION PIPE
                            42 G27153 COOLING WATER TRANSITION BEND
                            43 G27155 RUBBER RING COOLING WATER TRANSITION
                            44 G27158 RUBBER RING FOR COOLING WATER TRANSITION
                            45 G27208 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            46 G27214 CONNECTING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESS.
                            47 G27215 Cap nut for fuel injector
                            48 G27220 Spring for fuel injector
                            49 G27225 BLOW THROUGHT VALVE COMPLETE
                            50 G27226 SPINDLE FOR BLOW-THROUGNT VALVE
                            51 G27227 NIPPLE FOR BLOW-THROUGNT VALVE
                            52 G27229 BALL FOR BLOW-THROUGH VALVE
                            53 G27230 O-RING FOR SPRINDLE G27226
                            54 G27231 RUBBER RING FOR NIPPLE G27277
                            55 G27234 LARGE DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            56 G27236 RUBBER RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            57 G27237 JOINT RING FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE G27233
                            58 G27238 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            59 G27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE  138x6x0.725, 130x6x0.675
                            60 G27240 Fuel  nozzle      95-DSZ 883-138x7x0650R 130x7x0600R *
                            61 G27300 Spring washer packet, complete for bolt G 27122
                            62 G27400 STARTING AIR VALVE COMPLETE
                            63 G27415 ENTERMEDIATE RING FOR START VALVE
                            64 G27416 STARTING VALVE SPINDLE
                            65 G27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING VALVE
                            66 G27426 PRESSURE RING FOR LEATHER PACKING
                            67 G27427 LEATHER PACKING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            68 G27430 SMALL PISTON RING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            69 G27431 MIDDLE PISTON RING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            70 G27432 LARGE PISTON RING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            71 G27433 SET SCREW FOR VALVE SEAT
                            72 G27441 CASTLE NUT W/T SPLIT PIN
                            73 G27445 JOINT FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING
                            74 G27447 RUBBER RING
                            75 G27448 RUBBER RING FOR GUIDE BUSH G27410
                            76 G27701 VALVE SEAT FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            77 G27702 VALVE BODY COMPLETE
                            78 G27710 RUBBER RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            79 G27711 GASKET FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            80 G27720 INDICATOR COCK,COMPLETE
                            81 G27721 JOINT FOR INDICATOR COCK
                            82 G27722 FLANGE FOR INDICATOR COCK
                            83 G34004 RUBBER RING B/T PISTON ROD & PISTON UPPER PART
                            84 G34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECTPROCATING TUBE G34330
                            85 G34006 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON UPPER PART AND LOWER PART
                            86 G34101 PISTON CROWN DRAWING NO.: 9-107.079.030
                            87 G34107 Connecting bolt for main piston
                            88 G34108 Locking screw for connecting bolt
                            89 G34110 Fixing screw,complete with locking plate,for end cover G34104
                            90 G34112 RUBBER RING FOR END COVER
                            91 G34121 PISTON LOWER PART, COMPLETE
                            92 G34330 RECIPROCATING TUBE FOR PISTON COOLING
                            93 G34350 FIXING DEVISE COMPL. FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE
                            94 G34401 PISTON RING
                            95 M34401 PISTON RING
                            96 G34402/3 PISTON RING
                            97 G34403 Piston  ring (obligue  cut)        
                            98 G34450 FIXING DEVICE
                            99 G36127 RUBBER RING FOR CHEST G 36180
                            100 G36140 STAND PIPE COMPL FOR PISTON COOLING
                            101 G36141 INJECTOR TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            102 G36142 INLET NOZZLE FOR INJECTION TUBE
                            103 G36143 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE(INLET AND OUTLET)
                            104 G36144 SPACE TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            105 G36148 SPACE TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            106 G36149 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE(INLET)
                            107 G36152 LOCKING PLANT FOR STAND PIPE(INLET AND OUTLET)
                            108 G36153 RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            109 G36154 RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            110 G36160 STAND PIPE   (OUTLET)
                            111 G36161 OUTLET NOZZLE FOR STAND PIPE
                            112 G36163 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            113 G36252 GUIDE RING
                            114 G36255 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS FOR UPPER&LOWER SCRAOER(SET)
                            115 G36256 SCRAPPER RING IN 3 PARTS FOR UPPER&LOWER SCRAPPER GROUP
                            116 G36257 LOCKING PIECE
                            117 G36260 LARGE GARTER SPRING FOR UPPER & LOWER SCRAPER GROUP
                            118 G36261 SMALL GARTE SPRING
                            119 G36266 LARGE GARTE SPRING
                            120 G36309 SIGHT GLASS FOR FLW INDICATOR
                            121 G43141 STARTING AIR SLEEVE VALVE,COMPLETE
                            122 G43149 SPRING FOR SLEEVE VALVE
                            123 G43651 Control  valve,complete   For automatic starting  air  stop  valve    
                            124 G55260 FUEL PUMP PLUNGER WITH BARREL COMPLETE
                            125 G55505 PUSH ROD FOR FUEL PUMP
                            126 G55801 SPILL VALVE
                            127 G55805 SUCTION OR  DELIVERY VALVE
                            128 G55815 RELIEF VALVE,COMPLETE,FOR FUEL PUMP
                            129 G55831 SPRING FOR SCUTION
                            130 G55832 SPRING FOR SPILL VALVE
                            131 G64670 VALVE GROUP COMPLETE
                            132 G64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            133 G64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            134 G64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            135 G64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            136 G64675 TIE BOLT WITH NUT COMPLETE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            137 G81430 COMPENSATOR BETWEEN EXHAUST PIPES
                            138 G87145 FUEL OIL HIGH PRESSURE PIPE FOR UNIT NO.3
                            139 G87441 O RING FOR CONNECTION PIECE G27214
                            140 G87758 RUBBER RING FOR VALVE SPINDLE
                            SULZER RND76M 
                            1 M21300 WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            2 M21401 Cylinder Liner ( with CCS Certificate )
                            3 M21410 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            4 M21411 SEALING BETWEEN CYL.COVER & CYL.LINER
                            5 M21412 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            6 M21501 LUBRICATING QUILL
                            7 M21503 FILLING PIN FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            8 M21504 FLANGE FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            9 M21505 SEALING PIPE FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            10 M21506 FLANGE TWO-PART FOR LUBRICATING
                            11 M21511 NON-RETURN V/V COMPL FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            12 M21518 WASHER FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            13 M21519 SEALING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            14 M21520 SEALING RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            15 M21526 SEALING RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            16 M21530 ACCUMULATOR, COMPLETE
                            17 M21534 SPRING FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            18 M21535 ROLL TYPE DIAPHRAGM FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            19 M23101 UPPER OIL SCRPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL
                            20 M23102 UPPER SEALING RING IN 3-PARTS COMPL.
                            21 M23103 GUIDE RING FOR STUFFING BOX
                            22 M23107 LOCK, COMPLETE FOR STUFFING BOX
                            23 M23117 UPPER RING HOLDER FOR STUFFING BOX
                            24 M23118 RING HOLDER FOR STUFFING BOX
                            25 M23119 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS WITH PIN
                            26 M23120 OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS WITHOUT PIN
                            27 M23121 RING FOR HOUSING M23116
                            28 M23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL SCRAPER RING M23101
                            29 M23126 SPRINGS FOR LOCKS M23107
                            30 M23127 SPRING FOR OIL SCRAPER RINGS
                            31 M23128 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR RING CARRIER
                            32 M23129 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR M23116 & M23117
                            33 M27100 CYLINDER COVER COMPLETE
                            34 M27101 CYL. COVER BARE DRAWING NO:0-107.010.741
                            35 M27103 RUBBER RING CYLINDER COVER
                            36 M27106 INSERT SLEEVE COMPLETE  FOR CYL. COVER
                            37 M27107 INSERT FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            38 M27108 TENSIION STUD COMPLETE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            39 M27111 RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE M27106
                            40 M27112 RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE M27106
                            41 M27116 TENSION STUD, COMPLETE FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            42 M27140 SEAT FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            43 M27200 FUEL INJECTION VALVE COMPLETE 
                            44 M27202 NOZZLE HOLDER 
                            45 M27203 STOP BUSH FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            46 M27204 GUIDE BUSE FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            47 M27208 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            48 M27210 SPINDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            49 M27211 SPRING PLATE FOR INJECTION VALVE
                            50 M27212 SPRING TENSIONER FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            51 M27214 O-RING FOR M27214
                            52 M27215 CAP NUT FOR FUEL INJECTOR VALVE
                            53 M27220 SPRING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            54 M27225 BLOW THROUGH VALVE COMPLETE
                            55 M27230 RUBBER RING FOR SPINDLE M27226
                            56 M27231 RUBBER RING FOR NIPPLE M27227
                            57 M27233 SMALL DOUBLE NIPPLE FOR FUEL INJECTION V/V
                            58 M27236 RUBBER RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            59 M27237 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            60 M27238 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            61 M27240 NOZZLER COMPLETE 157X7X0.725R / 152X7X0.675R
                            62 M27240 Nozzle complete with needle High Speed, 14holes, 157x7x0.800R/N1.8
                            63 M27240 NOZZLE COMPL. WITH NEEDLE 157X7X0.725 / 152X7X0.625R
                            64 M27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE WITH NEEDLE 157X7X0.800R, 152X7X0.750R
                            65 M27240 NOZZLE, 157X8X0.650, 152X8X0.625
                            66 M27300 SPRING WASHER PACKET COMPLETE FOR TENSION STUD
                            67 M27400 STARTING VALVE,COMPLETE
                            68 M27410 GUIDE BUSH FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            69 M27415 INTERMEDIATE RING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            70 M27416 STARTING VALVE SPRING
                            71 M27417 CONTROL PISTON FOR STARTING VALVE
                            72 M27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING VALVE
                            73 M27420 BUSH FOR NIPPLE
                            74 M27421 NIPPLE FOR STARTING VALVE
                            75 M27427 LEATHER PACKING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            76 M27428 SPRING FOR STARTING VALVE
                            77 M27430 SMALL PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            78 M27431 MEDIUM PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            79 M27432 LARGE PISTON RING FOR CONTROL PISTON
                            80 M27433 SET SCREW FOR VALVE SEAT
                            81 M27434 CYLINDRICAL PIN FOR SPRIDLE GUIDE
                            82 M27445 JOINT FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING
                            83 M27447 RUBBER RING FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING
                            84 M27448 RUBBER RING FOR GUIDE BUSH M 27410
                            85 M27700 RELIEF VALVE COMPLETE
                            86 M27702 RELIEF VALVE ,SPINDLE
                            87 M27710 Rubber ring for relief valve
                            88 M27711 JOINT FOR VALVE SEAT M27701
                            89 M27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            90 M34004 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON ROD & PISTON UPPER PART
                            91 M34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE M34330
                            92 M34006 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON UPPER PART & LOW PART
                            93 M34013 LOCKING PLATE ONLY FOR FIXING SCREW OF LOCKING DISC M34001
                            94 M34101 PISTON UPPER PART
                            95 M34108 LOCKING SCREW FOR CONNECTING BOLT M34107
                            96 M34110 LOCKING PLATE GOT FIXING SCREW OF END COVER M34104
                            97 M34112 RUBBER RING FOR ENG COVER
                            98 M34122 PISTON LOWER PART
                            99 M34123 RUBBING BAND IN 3/3 PISTON LOWER PART
                            100 M34330 RECIPROCATING TUBE FOR PISTON COOLING
                            101 M34331 NUT FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE G 34330
                            102 M34401 PISTON RING OBLIQUE CUT 760X18X23MM
                            103 M34402 PISTON RINGS
                            104 H34401 Piston Ring oblique cut
                            105 H34402 Piston Ring oblique cut
                            106 K34401 PISTON RING
                            107 M36140 STAND PIPE COMPL.FOR PISTON COOLING (INLET)
                            108 M36143 GUIDE BUSH FR STAND PIPE (IN+OUT)
                            109 M36153 UPPER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            110 M36154 LOWER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            111 M36160 STAND PIPE (OUTLET) COMPLETE FOR PISTON COOLING
                            112 M36210 STUFFING BOXES COMPL. FOR  PISTON COOLING
                            113 M36252 GUIDE RING COMPLETE FOR UPPER & LOWER SCRAPER GROUP
                            114 M36255 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS COMPL
                            115 M36256 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PARTS COMPLETE
                            116 M36257 LOCKING PIECE FOR UPPER&LOWER SCRAPPER GROUP
                            117 M36260 LARGE GARTER SPRING
                            118 M36261 SMALL GERTER SPRING
                            119 M36265 HOLDER FOR UPPER SCRAPPER GROUP
                            120 M43141 STARTING AIR SLEEVE VALVE, COMPLETE
                            121 M43144 roller for starting air sleeve valve
                            122 M43145 pin for roller m43144
                            123 M43146 lange pin for starting air sleeve valve
                            124 M43147 small pin for starting air sleeve valve
                            125 M43149 spring dor starting air sleeve valve
                            126 M53202 housing for air cylinder m53201
                            127 M53203 piston  for air culinder  M53201
                            128 M53204 cover for air cylinder  m53201
                            129 M53205 O-ring for air cylinder M53201
                            130 M53206 slide ring for air cylinder M53201
                            131 M53209 joint for air cylinder m53201
                            132 M53212 cover for air cylinder  m53201
                            133 M53216 support for overspeed trip
                            134 M53220 guide bush for overspeed trip
                            135 M53221 cut-out yoke for overspeed trip
                            136 M53222 conical clamp ring for overspeed trip
                            137 M53223 springplate for overspeed trip
                            138 M53225 O-ring for overspeed trip
                            139 M53226 O-ring for overspeed trip
                            140 M53227 nvcked-down bolt for overspeed trip
                            141 M55201 Fuel Pump block complete for two p/p
                            144 M55424 GUIDE BUSH FOR DRIVING PISTON
                            146 M55486 CONTROL LEVER FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP SPILL VALVE
                            147 M55505 PUSH ROD COMPLETE
                            148 M55509 SET SCREW FOR PUSH ROD
                            149 M55520 SPRING NIPPLE FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            150 M55521 INNER SPRING FR FUEL PUMP PLUNER
                            151 M55522 OUTER SPRING FR FUEL PUMP PLUNER
                            152 M55536 REGULATING LINKAGE FOR 6 PUMP UNIT
                            153 M55543 CONNECTION PIECE FOR REGULATING LINKAGE
                            154 M55544 STRAP FOR CONNECTING PIECE M55543
                            155 M55571 PIN FOR REGULATING LINKAGE
                            156 M55573 SPACING RING FOR DEFLECTION SHAFT
                            157 M55574 SPACING RING
                            158 M55576 GROOVED BALL BEARING FOR DEFLECTION SHAFT
                            159 M55801 SPILL VALVE COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            160 M55805 SUCTION OR DELIVERY VALVE COMPL WITH SEAT
                            161 M55815 RELIEF VALVE COMPL.FOR INJECTION PUMP
                            162 M55820 PRESSURE PLATE FOR SPILL VALVE
                            163 M55821 PRESSING NIPPLE FOR SUCTION AND SPILL V/V
                            164 M55822 PRESSING NIPPLE FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            165 M55824 PUSH ROD WITH GUIDE BUSH & SPRING, COMPLETE
                            166 M55827 SPRING FOR PUSH ROD M55824
                            167 M55831 SPRING FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVE
                            168 M55832 SPRING FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            169 M55833 NECKED-DOWN BOLT FOR COVER M55830
                            170 M55834 SPRING FOR PRESSURE PLATE M55820
                            171 M55836 PIN FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVE
                            172 M55837 PIN FOR DELIVERY VALVE
                            173 M58120 FORKED END RIGHT HAND THREAD FOR REG ROD
                            174 M58121 FORKED END LEFT HAND THREAD FOR REG ROD
                            175 M58123 BUSH FOR TAPPED END M58122
                            176 M58124 M58124  PIN FOR GOVERING LINKAGE
                            177 M58607 BUSH FOR LEVER M58606
                            178 M58615 PIN FOR LEVER M58606
                            179 M58620 RETAINING RING TYPE A FOR SUPPORTING PIN
                            180 M58621 WASHER FOR PIN M58615
                            181 M58622 RETAINING RING TYPE A FOR PIN
                            182 M64670 VALVES GROUP COMPL.(27 VALVES)
                            183 M64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            184 M64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            185 M64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            186 M64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            187 M72346  INSPECTION GLASS FOR CASING M72343 
                            188 M81326 Insulation ring, in two parts
                            189 M81333 Insulation ring, in two parts
                            190 M81365 WIRE MESH FOR FRAME M81363
                            191 M81367 CATERING SCREW FOR FRAME M81363
                            192 M81368 SCREW FOR FRAME M81363
                            193 M81420 Compensator before turbocharge,compl,
                            194 M81430 Compensator between exhaust pipes, compl.
                            195 M87150 H.P PIPE FOR FUEL OIL
                            196 M87441 O-RING FOR M27214
                            197 M92051 THERMOMETER FOR COOLING WATER INLET BRFORE PISTON
                            199 M92062  REMOTE THERMOMETER WITH  CAPILLARY TUBE, COMPLETE
                            200 94210 Tools Suspension Joint
                            SULZER RND90 
                            1 G21401 CYLINDER LINER COMPLETE NEW
                            2 G21402 UPPER COPPER BAND FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            3 G21403 LOWER COPPER BAND FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            4 G21410 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            5 G21411 SEALING RING BETWEEN CYLINDER LINER AND CYL. COVER
                            6 G21412 RUBBER RING FOR COOLING WATER JACKET
                            7 G21520 O-ring   
                            8 G23101 UPPER OIL SCRAPPER RING IN THREE PARTS COMPL
                            9 G23102 UPPER SEALING RING IN THREE PARTS COMPL.
                            10 G23103 GUIDE RING
                            11 G23107 LOCK COMPLETE FOR STUFFING BOX
                            12 G23113 SEALING RING
                            13 G23117 UPPER RIN HOLDER FOR STUFFING BOX
                            14 G23118 RING HOLDER FOR STUFFING BOX
                            15 G23119  LOWER OIL SCRAPPER RING IN THREE PARTS OMPL.
                            16 G23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL SCRAPPER RING G23101
                            17 G23126 SPRING FOR LOCK G23107
                            18 G23127 SPRING FOR LOWER OIL SCRAPPER RING G23119
                            19 G23129 RUBBER SEALING RING HOLDER G23117
                            20 G23130 RUBBER SEALING RING FOR LOWER HOUSING G23116
                            21 G27100 CYLINDER COVER WITHOUT INSERT
                            22 G27102 JOINT BETW CYL.COVER AND CYL.COVER INSERT
                            23 G27120 CYLINDER COVER INSERT
                            24 G27121 CYLINDER COVER INSERT
                            25 G27133 GASKET  
                            26 G27138 O-ring  
                            27 G27140  SEAT FOR FUEL INJECTOR NOZZLE
                            28 G27152  Gasket 
                            29 G27156  Gasket  
                            30 G27157 Packing      
                            31 G27158  O-ring  
                            32 G27162 O-ring 
                            33 G27168 Joint for cooling Water injector
                            34 G27201 Fuel valve complete
                            35 G27210 Push rod 
                            36 G27220 Spring
                            37 G27225 BLOW-THROUGH V/V COMPL
                            38 G27234 RELIEF VALVE ASSY
                            39 G27235 FIX STUD 
                            40 G27236 O RING
                            41 G27240 NOZZLE,COMPLETE  162x5x0.55R, 134x5x0.875R, 126x5x0.825R.
                            42 G27300 Nut   
                            43 G27400 STARTING V/V COMPL 
                            44 G27410 BUSH OF TOP PISTON
                            45 G27413  Copper packing 
                            46 G27415 INTERMEDIATE RING
                            47 G27416  STARTING V/V SPINDLE 
                            48 G27417 CONTROL PISTON FOR STARTING VALVE
                            49 G27418 Spindle Guide for Starting Valve
                            50 G27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING VALVE.
                            51 G27420 Bush for nipple G27421
                            52 G27427 Packing seal
                            53 G27430 Small Piston Ring for control piston
                            54 G27431 Piston ring 
                            55 G27432 LARGE TOP PISTON
                            56 G27433 SET SCREW FOR VALVE SEAT
                            57 G27434 Cylindrical pin for spindle guide
                            58 G27445 JOINT FOR STARTING VALVE
                            59 G27446 Packing 
                            60 G27447 Rubber ring for starting valve
                            61 G27448 RUBBER RING FOR GUIDE BUSH G27410
                            62 G27700 RELIEF V/V COMPL
                            63 G27704 RELIEF V/V SPINDLE
                            64 G27720 INDICATOR COCK ASSY
                            65 G27723 intermediate piece for indicator valve
                            66 G34004 RUBBER RING B/T PISTON ROD AND PISTON UP PART
                            67 G34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE G34330
                            68 G34006 RUBBER RING BETW PISTON UPP AND LOW PART
                            69 G34101 PISTON UPPER PART RECONDITIONED
                            70 G34112 RUBBER RING FOR END COVER  G34104
                            71 G34123 RUBBING BAND IN 6 PARTS FOR PISTON LOWER PART
                            72 G34210 Piston rod nut
                            73 G34401 PISTON TOP RING, OBLIQUE CUT SIZE: 900X18X27MM
                            74 G34402 PISTON RING STRAIGHT CUT
                            75 G34403 PISTON RING OBLIQUE CUT COPPER PLATES
                            76 G36140 STAND PIPE (INLET) COMPL
                            77 G36143 Guide bush for stand pipe ( inlet & outlet)
                            78 G36144 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            79 G36148 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            80 G36152 Locking Plate for stand pipe
                            81 G36153 Upper rubber ring for stand pipe
                            82 G36154 Lower rubber ring for stand pipe
                            83 G36160 STAND PIPE OUTLET COMPLETE
                            84 G36161 OUTLET NOZZLE FOR STAND PIPE
                            85 G36163 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE
                            86 G36243 SCRAPER RING
                            87 G36252 GUIDE RING
                            88 G36255 SEALING RING IN 3-PART
                            89 G36256 SCRAPER RING IN 3-PART
                            90 G36257 LOCKING PIECE
                            91 G36260 SPRING
                            92 G36261 SPRING
                            93 G36309 Sight Glass for flow indicator
                            94 G43141 Starting air sleeve valve
                            95 G55201 FUEL PUMP BLOCK, COMPLETE
                            96 G55260 PLUNGER WIH BUSH COMPLETE 58MM
                            97 G55271 SHOCK ABSORBER COMPLETE
                            98 G55485 CONTROL LEVEL FOR FUEL PUMP SPILL VALVE
                            99 G55486 CONTROL LEVEL FOR FUEL PUMP SUCTION VALVE
                            100 G55507 PUSH ROD FOR SUCTION & SPILL VALVE
                            101 G55801 SPILL VALVE COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            102 G55804 PRESSURE PLATE FOR SPILL VALVE
                            103 G55805 SUCTION VALVE COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            104 G55810 DELIVERY VALVE COMPLTE
                            105 G55815 RELIEF VALVE COMPLETE
                            106 G55816 SPRING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            107 G55821 PRESSURE NIPPLE FOR SUCTION AND SPILL VALVE
                            108 G55823 Spring guide for connecting stud
                            109 G55824 PUSH ROD WITH GUIDE BUSH LOCK RING AND SPRING COMPL
                            110 G55835 RUBBER RING FOR CONNECTING STUD
                            111 G55838 Pin for valves
                            112 G64670  VALVE GROUP (27 VALVES) COMPL
                            113 G64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            114 G64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            115 G64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            116 G64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            117 G64675 TIE BOLT WITH NUT, COMPLETE
                            118 G92062 Remote thermometer,Complete with capillary tube
                            SULZER RND90M 
                            1 M21300 WATER GUIDE JACKET FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            2 M21401 CYLINDER LINER NEW WITH CCS CERTIFICATE
                            3 M21410 ROUND RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            5 M21412 RUBBER RING FOR WATER GUIDE JACKET
                            6 M21501 LUBRICATING QUILL FOR CYLINDER LINER
                            7 M21503 FILLING PIN FOR LUBRICATOR QUILL
                            8 M21504 FLANGE FOR LUBRICATING QUILLS
                            9 M21505 SEALING PIPE FOR LUBRICATIONG QUILLS
                            10 M21511 NON-RETURN VALVA COMPLETE FOR LUB. QUILL
                            11 M21518 WASHER FOR LUBRICATING
                            12 M21519 SEALING RING FOR LUBRCATING QUILL
                            13 M21520 SEALING RING FOR LUBRICATING QUILL
                            14 M21526 SEALING FOR LUBRICATING QUILLS
                            15 M21535 DIAPHRAGM FOR ACCUMULATOR
                            16 M23101 UPPER OIL SCRAPER RING IN 3 PARTS 
                            17 M23102 UPPER SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS
                            18 M23103 GUIDE RING COMPLETE FOR STUFFING BOX
                            19 M23107 LOCK COMPLETE 3 X PER STUFFING BOX  
                            20 M23119 OIL SCRAPER RING, IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE WITH PIN
                            21 M23120 OIL SCRAPER RING, IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE
                            22 M23125 SPRING FOR UPPER OIL RING M23101
                            23 M23126 SPRING FOR LOCK OF STUFFING BOX FOR PISTON ROD
                            24 M23127 SPRING FOR OIL SCRAPER RINGS M23119
                            25 M23128 RUBBER RING FOR RING CARRIER
                            26 M23129 RUBBER RING FOR RING HOLDER
                            27 M23130 ROUND RUBBER RING
                            28 M27102 JOINT
                            29 M27103 RUBBER RING FOR CYLINDER COVER
                            30 M27106 INSERT SLEEVE, COMPLETE FOR CYL COVER
                            31 M27108 TENSION STUD COMPLETE FOR FUEL INJECTION
                            32 M27111 SMALL RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE M27106
                            33 M27112 LARGE RUBBER RING FOR INSERT SLEEVE M27106
                            34 M27140 SEAT FOR FUEL INJECTOR VALVE
                            35 M27200 FUEL INJECTION VALVE COMPLETE
                            36 M27201 NOZZLE HOLDER COMPL.
                            37 M27210 SPINDLE FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            38 M27214 CONNECTING PIECE FOR FUEL PRESSURE PIPE
                            39 M27220 SPRING FOR FUEL INJECTION VALVE
                            40 M27229 BALL FOR BLOW-THROUGH VALVE
                            41 M27231 RUBBER RING FOR NIPPLE M27227
                            42 M27233 SMALL DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            43 M27234 LARGE DOUBLE NIPPLE FOR FUEL INJECTION
                            44 M27235 FIXING BOLT FOR NOZZLE M12 X 100MM
                            45 M27236 RUBBER RING FOR NOZZLE HOLDER
                            46 M27237 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE
                            47 M27238 JOINT FOR DOUBLE NIPPLE M27234
                            48 M27240 NOZZLE W/ NEEDLE VALVE 156 X 7 X 1000R, 150 X 7 X 0.900R
                            49 M27240 NOZZLE COMPL( SPEC.156 X 7 X 0.925R/150 X 7 X 0.825R)
                            50 M27240 NOZZLE COMPLETE 156X7X1.000R
                            51 M27300 SPRING WASHER PACKET COMPLETE FOR TENSION
                            52 M27419 VALVE SEAT FOR STARTING AIR VALVE
                            53 M27445 JOINT RING FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING 
                            54 M27446 JOINT RING FOR INTERMEDIATE RING
                            55 M27447 RUBBER RING FOR STARTING VALVE HOUSING
                            56 M27448 RUBBER RING FOR GUIDE BUSH
                            57 M27706 SPACE RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            58 M27710 RUBBER RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            59 M27711 JOINT FOR SAFETY VALVE SEAT D75 Xd58X t0.5mm
                            60 M27720 INDICATOR VALVE COMPLETE
                            61 M34002 NUT FOR CONNECTING ROD BOLT
                            62 M34003 LOCKING DISC FOR NUT
                            63 M34004 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON & PISTON UPPER PART
                            64 M34005 RUBBER RING FOR RECIPROCATING TUBE
                            65 M34006 RUBBER RING BETWEEN PISTON UPPER & LOWER PART
                            66 M34101 PISTON UPPER PART CCS CERTIFICATE DRAWING NO: 9-107.045.902
                            67 M34112 RUBBER RING FOR END COVER M43104
                            68 M34122 PISTON SKIRT (DRAWING NO.:0-107.192.491)
                            69 M34330 RECIPROCATING TUBE FOR PISTON COOLING
                            70 M34401 PISTON TOP RING OBLIQUE CUT 900X18X27MM
                            71 M34402 No.2 PISTON RING OBLIQUE CUT 900X18X27MM
                            72 M36141 INJECTION TUBE FOR STAND PIPE, INLET
                            73 M36142 INLET NOZZLE FOR INJECTION TUBE   
                            74 M36143 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE(INLET & OUTLET)  
                            75 M36144 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE (INLET) 
                            76 M36145 STAND PIPE FOR PISTON COOLING INLET&OUTLET
                            77 M36148 SPACING TUBE FOR STAND PIPE (IN &OUT)  
                            78 M36149 GUIDE BUSH FOR STAND PIPE
                            79 M36152 Locking plate for stand pipe
                            80 M36153 UPPER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            81 M36154 LOWER RUBBER RING FOR STAND PIPE
                            82 M36161 OUTLET NOZZLE FOR STAND PIPE
                            83 M36163 SPACING TUBR FOR STAND PIPE (OUTLET)
                            84 M36232 GUIDE RING FOR LOWER SCRAPER RING (INLET)
                            85 M36235 GUIDE RING FOR LOWER SCRAPER RING (OUTLET
                            86 M36241 GUIDE RING FOR LOWER SCRAPPER GROUP(INLET)
                            87 M36242 GUIDE RING FOR LOWER SCRAPPER GROUP(OUTLET)
                            88 M36243 SCRAPPER RING IN 3 PARTS,COMPL.FOR LOWER SCR.GROUP
                            89 M36250 UPPER SCRAPER GROUP, COMPLETE
                            90 M36252 GUIDE RING COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            91 M36255 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            92 M36256 SEALING RING IN 3 PARTS COMPLETE FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP  
                            93 M36257 LOCKING PIECE  FOR UPPER SCRAPER GROUP
                            94 M36260 LARGE GARTER SPRING
                            95 M36261 SMALL GARTER SPRING
                            96 M40010 REPAIR KIT FOR PRESSURE REDUCING STATION
                            97 M43141 STARTING AIR SLEEVE VALVE COMPLETE
                            98 M43651 CONTROL V/V COMPL. FOR AUTOMATIC STARTING AIR STOP V/V   
                            99 M43654 VALVE BODY FOR CONTROL V/V
                            100 M55260 PLUNGER WITH BUSH,COMPLETE FOR FUEL INJUCTION PUMP
                            101 M55801 SPILL VALVE, COMPLETE WITH SEAT   
                            102 M55805 DELIVERY VALVE COMPETE WITH SEAT
                            103 M55810 DELIVERY VALVE, COMPLETE WITH SEAT
                            104 M55815 RELIEF VALVE, COMPLETE, FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP
                            105 M55821 PRESSING NIPPLE FOR SUCTION & SPILL VALVE
                            106 M55822 CONNECTION STUD FOR FUEL INJECTION PUMP
                            107 M55823 SPRING GUIDE FOR CONNECTION STUD
                            108 M55830 COVER FOR SUCTION & SPILL VALVE
                            109 M55831 SPEING FOR SUCTION & SPILL VALVES   
                            110 M55833 NECK-DOWN BOLT FOR CONNECTIONSTUD
                            111 M55836 RUBBER RING FOR CONNECTING STUD
                            112 M64664 ROUND SEALING RING FOR RELIEF VALVE
                            113 M64670 VALVE GROUP (27 VALVES) COMPLETE   
                            114 M64671 FRONT PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            115 M64672 MIDDLE PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            116 M64673 END PIECE FOR VALVE GROUP
                            117 M64674 VALVE PLATE FOR VALVE GROUP (O.4MM)    
                            118 M64674 VALVE PLATES FOR VALVE GROUP  (0.3MM)
                            119 M87441 O-RING FOR M27214
                            120 M92062 REMOTE THERMOMETER



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                            傳   真:0335-8576866
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